record linking

Scalable Probabilistic Record Linkage

Today, businesses understand the importance of leveraging data for effective decision making. Before data can be used to provide actionable insights, the barriers that prevent data from becoming actionable insights must be broken down.

Scalable Probalistic Record Linkage White Paper
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What's Included?

Defining Probabilistic Record Linkage

The objective of record linkage is to develop a comprehensive view of all relevant information pertaining to the same entity, whether a person, business, or event.

Applications of Large-Scale Probabilistic Record Linkage

Large-scale record linkage can be used in various use cases where data silos evolve and grow separately, such as state government agencies with separate funding sources, or through business mergers and acquisitions.

Record Linkage Considerations

When linking records, there are three common problems that arise: scalability, thresholds, and flexibility.