Ebook IT Managed Services

Make Sure Your Technology Provider Helps Your Organization Thrive

IT managed services—also called outsourced IT—keeps an eye on your systems and gives you a resource when anything goes wrong. Your provider makes sure your computers and servers and everything that supports them—the firewalls, software, applications—are up to date and functioning as they should. And, depending on which partner you choose, an IT managed services provider can help your organization reach its desired outcomes.

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What's Included

The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing

Having your own in-house IT experts comes with its own plusses and minuses. Find out how an IT managed services provider changes the equation. Discover important details about services to look for, how to structure a contract, and the outcomes you can expect from an outsourced IT partner.

Your Route to a Successful Partnership

With a lot of variation in services and approach, sorting through what you can expect—and how to ensure you get it—takes careful thought. Find out what you need to know about evaluating your needs, asking the right questions of a potential provider, and aligning your goals with their strengths

The Help You Need to Reach Your Goals

Get important details about methods for measuring a managed service provider’s performance. Quantifiable elements like response and resolution times are important, but a focus on the experience—on helping you reach the outcomes you want—may bring more to your organization by building standard metrics into your big goals.