Disrupting the Opioid Epidemic with Data Analytics

With a record high 33,000 US opioid-related deaths in 2015 – and steadily increasing numbers – the opioid epidemic is a problem that isn’t going away soon. The place to begin? Data. It’s messy, often siloed, and everyone has it in abundance. The key is to aggregate it, to derive understanding from it, and provide a comprehensive picture with which to disrupt the epidemic.

White Paper: Disrupting the Opioid Epidemic with Data Analytics
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What's Included?

Harnessing the Power of Data

How do you accurately determine which initiatives are likely to be most successful, which programs are producing results, and where more resources need to be allocated? The answer lies in your data. Learn how to harness your data.

Technology Enabling Educated Action

With the right tool in place, it is possible to transform data from messy, isolated, and stale into clean, integrated, and usable with the help of specific modules developed by KSMC. Discover how technology can transform your data.

Taking the First Step

Data can be overwhelming, and without a solid focus, it can quickly and easily become unmanageable. KSMC’s strength is in its data experience and can help guide you along the path to developing a data-driven approach to disrupting the epidemic.