Security in the Digital Age: What Are Your Responsibilities?

It’s an uphill battle companies are waging against cybercriminals, and while it’s imperative to have a defense plan, you also need an action plan. In this webinar hosted by MJ Insurance, our Director of Cybersecurity shares the phases of an incident response, your legal obligations and risks, and your silver bullet: policies, procedures, and internal controls.

Security in the Digital Age On-Demand Webinar
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What You'll Learn

Incident Response

When a data breach happens, what will you need to do? How will you disseminate that information to your team? How will your response team know what happened? Learn the appropriate incident response phases you’ll need to undertake.

Legal Obligations and Responsibilities

What are you doing to protect your company? Learn about the responsibilities you have as an organization and the laws currently in place.

Policies, Procedures, and Internal Controls

The true silver bullet when it comes to cybersecurity? Be prepared. Learn what steps you should take to get prepared for an incident as well as ways to keep your business going if an incident does occur.