Making Your Data Center Selection

If you’re considering the move to a data center, you probably have a long list of questions about timing, process, and logistics. In this webinar conversation with KSM Consulting’s Ryan Gould and Expedient’s Doug Theis, you’ll learn how to determine when to make a data center change, the critical components to consider, and how to actually make the move happen… with as little pain as possible.

What You'll Learn

Data Center 101

There are many definitions floating around for what a data center is. In this webinar, we clearly define what qualifies as a data center and how that applies to you.

When and Why to Move

There are many reasons one would move data centers. We go in-depth on which are the most popular, which make the most sense, and a few examples of pitfalls to avoid for each one.

KSMC + Client Case Study

We assist in many data center migrations. We picked one particularly successful case and we walk you through everything you need to take into account to make your data center move go smoothly.