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MJ Insurance + KSMC Joint Webinar | Security in the Digital Age: What Are Your Responsibilities?

It’s an uphill battle companies are waging against cyber criminals, and while it’s imperative to have a defense plan, you also need an action plan. When a data breach happens, what will you need to do? How will you disseminate that information to your team? How will your response team know what happened?

The Importance of a Next-Generation Network

While people often underestimate the importance of their network infrastructure, it is, in fact, the baseline organizations need for technology upgrades and enhancements. During this webinar, learn how our network upgrade allowed KSM Consulting to make a smooth transition to the cloud.

Transitioning from Controller to Strategic Organizational Leader

If your organization isn’t currently a strategic, high-performing one, you – as controller – can lead that transformation.

Document Management: Achieving Success Through End-User Focus

If you hear frustrations around your office related to document access, collaboration challenges, or storage issues, it’s likely time to consider a better solution for document management.

Developing a Holistic Cloud Strategy

The decision to move to the cloud is incredibly complex requiring businesses to ensure they have, and understand, the information necessary to make an effective choice. In this webinar, learn how to develop a holistic cloud strategy.

Getting Started with Business Intelligence

In this webinar, you will learn how to develop an effective small-to mid-sized business BI strategy.

HIPAA 101: Five Steps Toward Achieving Compliance

In this webinar, we’ll discuss five key actions you can take to improve your alignment with HIPAA and strengthen your organization’s overall security posture.

Roadmap to Implementing Managed Services

Evaluating MSPs? This on-demand webinar provides direction on how to establish a long-term, high-value relationship with the right partner.

Disrupting the Opioid Epidemic with Data Analytics

Drug overdose and opioid-related deaths continue to increase in the United States. Desiring to reverse this dangerous trend of drug abuse, the State of Indiana partnered with KSM Consulting, in collaboration with SAP, to develop a data analytics solution that provides meaningful information to the State.