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We work collaboratively with our clients to help them find solutions to challenges. Take a look at our case studies to see some examples of how we work with clients to create and implement optimal solutions.

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Moving Quickly to Increase the Reach of Pandemic Nutrition Assistance

As the coronavirus impacted nearly every facet of lives and livelihoods, food insecurity in America surged in 2020, doubling pre-pandemic rates. According to USDA data, households with children are 1.5 times more likely to experience food insecurity.

Clearing a Way Forward to Insight from Integrated Data

An early childhood integrated data system (ECIDS) wasn’t performing as expected, and state leaders were eager to pinpoint why good intentions and a major investment hadn’t yielded the learnings that would improve programs for children and families. KSM Consulting was brought into help bring insights from information.

Bringing Rapid Response Workforce Aid to Citizens

Using technology, data, and a deep understanding of the public sector, KSM Consulting helped modernize an Office of Workforce Development utilizing a mobile application and updated methodology, ultimately enabling them to better serve the citizens of their state.

Career and Technical Education: Providing Insight Into a Critical Statewide Workforce System

Indiana’s CTE system plays a vital role for schools, students, and employers. The improved clarity of our work with the State of Indiana has informed decisions about structure and course incentives to facilitate greater effectiveness for CTE, improving outcomes citizens.

Achieving Better Health Outcomes with Accurate, Focused Analysis of Social Determinants of Health Data

Utilizing comprehensive analytical tools with underlying social determinants of health datasets enabled KSM Consulting to bring undeniable impact—to patients and to the health systems and payers who support them.

Creating a Unified Cloud Productivity Environment for the City of Brighton, Colorado

KSMC worked closely with the City of Brighton to identify their IT and business requirements, security and compliance requirements, and establish integration points between the state’s legacy systems and a Google Workspace solution.

For a Niche Medical Practice, IT Managed Services Partnership Matters

Operating in a highly specialized medical field and caring for more than 150 patients per day in their main office alone, Eye Surgeons of Indiana (ESI) had increasingly intense technology needs even before government regulations necessitated a shift to electronic medical record-keeping.

Developing a Scalable Cloud Solution Architecture for the Ephraim McDowell Health System

Ephraim McDowell Health was operating on MS Exchange and had been evaluating Office 365 and G Suite as potential cloud-based email solutions. They needed a cloud-based solution that had flexible pricing options and would meet the needs of their end-users.

Enhancing Communication and Collaboration for The State of Colorado, Office of Information Technology (OIT)

KSMC supports CO OIT with its Google platform initiatives to enable the State of Colorado, along with many other public and private sector organizations, to achieve a rolling return on investment.