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Indianapolis Gets BRAVE

KSMC’s values couldn’t have lined up more perfectly with the mission and vision of Brave Initiatives. Their program, BraveCamp uses technology, coding, and Design Thinking to help young women view themselves as purposeful, powerful agents of change in the world.

The 9 Most Important Attributes to Look for in an IV&V Partner

If your organization is implementing a large-scale technology solution, independent verification and validation (IV&V) is one of the best ways to keep your project running smoothly, and to help ensure its success.

Four Keys to Insourcing Population Health Management Operations

Healthcare systems are now shifting their population health management services internally. Before deciding to invest resources in developing internal population health management services, there are key considerations to take into account.

Why You Need a Business Intelligence Assessment

BI is a tool or approach to understanding what’s really happening in your business, based on the data available. To truly know what is happening in your business, you need to understand your data and how to make it actionable. A BI Assessment can help with that.

Understanding Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) and Why Organizations Need It

Working with an experienced, versatile IV&V partner who understands the challenges you’re facing is one of the best ways to mitigate project risk while maximizing your chance of success.

It’s Official: KSMC111 is Now Open!

We’ve opened our doors at KSMC111, and we’re happy to report that our new space is everything we hoped it would be. With employees and clients working there every day, it’s evident that our design has hit the mark.

The Keys to Designing an Office with Purpose

With the official opening of KSMC111 this month, we’re pretty excited about working in our new space. Our office design is full of unique features—and two of our favorites are a keyboard art installation and several handcrafted pieces of furniture.

Meet Our People: Stewart Burns

Stewart is a dedicated Senior Consultant that puts clients above all else. Our token Brit, (watch the video to get the joke) Stewart always keeps a Bond-like calm in the face of adversity.

A Strategic Controller’s Toolbox – Part Two

To become a strategic, high-performing Controller, the tools in a Controller’s toolbox must expand to be inclusive of tools with an operational focus. In this post, learn how to leverage Six Sigma, Fishbone Diagrams, and Design Thinking as part of your toolbox.