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Leadership Guidance on Remote Meetings

For KSMC, we’ve had two weeks of remote work which has meant two weeks of remote meetings – and a bit of meeting fatigue.

Indianapolis Business Community Discusses Leadership Today

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. That’s true in so many ways and, right now, it’s especially true as our Indianapolis business community works through an unprecedented time.

Vulnerability and Clarity in Leadership

Bubbling out of the uncertainty are opportunities for leadership to help all of us - individuals, businesses, and communities - move forward and support each other.

Leadership in Unprecedented Times

“Right now, it’s more important than ever before to lead by taking a breath and refocusing on the basics: Why do we do what we do? What do we stand for? What are we trying to accomplish in the world?”

Tips and Tools for Secure, Productive, and Collaborative Remote Work

Many have transitioned to remote work and are trying to support their teams in a different environment, just as KSMC is. Online, we’ve seen much support from experts sharing knowledge and resources, as we all work in new ways together.

A Day in the Life of a KSMC Data Engineer

Data Engineers are pivotal for complex data projects, mastering and managing data through its life cycle. They’re also highly in demand—not just at KSMC, but globally.

2019 Top Content

2019’s most popular content featured a mix of KSMC’s biggest news, exciting projects, IT expertise, and a peek at our culture. Dive into some of these top reads (and watches) to learn more about what we were up to the past year.

What Makes a Successful Brand

KSMC’s CEO Mark Caswell invited Dave Neff to talk branding during a recent edition of “Mark’s Update,” an internal weekly video series to inspire and inform our team, furthering their Deep Expertise both inside and outside the office.

Why Community Involvement is Key to Our Employee Experience

Every day, KSM Consulting employees dive into some of the most complex challenges head-first, delivering client solutions that often directly impact communities by putting people at the forefront of them.