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KSM Consulting Honored with Two TechPoint Mira Awards

KSM Consulting is honored to have received two 2020 Mira Awards during the 21st presentation of TechPoint’s annual Mira Awards on Thursday, June 18th.

Fishers: Smarter than your Average City

The smart city concept has become a popular talking point among city leaders, he says, and he’s not sure that’s a good thing. Because becoming a truly smart city isn’t about how much technology you’ve integrated into your infrastructure but rather how you’re using it.

Design Thinking’s Role in Enhancing Company Culture

"The best way to learn design thinking is to just do design thinking. Just try it. You can’t mess it up. And even if you mess it up, that’s all part of the process, anyway."

KSM Consulting Acquires Regional Consultancy

KSMC has acquired Advocate Solutions, a 25-year-old consulting firm serving state and local government agencies.

Chelsea Yoder Named VP of Sales Operations and Marketing

KSM Consulting has hired Chelsea Yoder as Vice President of Marketing and Sales Operations.

Fulfilling Our Mission During the Hardest of Days

Our mission at KSM Consulting is “to help our clients, coworkers, and communities thrive.” Today, that is rooted in a desire to help our communities survive today and thrive again.  

Forum: Transitioning Tech into the Next Phase

In the May 13th Forum, Mike Vance and Ryan Gould discussed transitioning tech into the next phase. Read the questions and answers from the discussion.

Video: What Should We Bring Back to Work?

KSM Consulting CEO, Mark Caswell, considers what we learnings we need to take back to the office when we return.

Leading Organizational Change Management

In the April 22nd Forum, KSMC’s Allison Grayson and Robert Saling discussed how thoughtful change management can support organization and employee success during crisis and every day