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Video: What Should We Bring Back to Work?

KSM Consulting CEO, Mark Caswell, considers what we learnings we need to take back to the office when we return.

Leading Organizational Change Management

In the April 22nd Forum, KSMC’s Allison Grayson and Robert Saling discussed how thoughtful change management can support organization and employee success during crisis and every day
PPP Loan Forgiveness

PPP Loan Forgiveness Preparation for Small Businesses

Beginning careful, detailed tracking now will put business leaders ahead of the game when the forgiveness application is made available. Further, it will support other opportunities for small businesses to gain Federal support during this time.

Leadership Thoughts from KSMC CEO

Mark Caswell's weekly videos cover vulnerability, problem solving, remote meetings, and more. Catch up with the weekly series here.

Facing Change with Courage and Compassion

Listen to a conversation with Jennifer Manning, executive coach and leader, focusing on ways to take care of ourselves when everything feels chaotic.   

Video: People-First Problem Solving

Continuing his Leadership Thoughts video series, Mark Caswell, KSMC CEO, shares about the heart of leadership and problem solving - people.

Forum: Optimizing Your Revenue Function for Today

In the April 2nd Forum, Greg Stanley of Accelerant Consulting discussed optimizing the revenue function for today’s environment. Questions and answers from the discussion are shared in this blog post.

Webinar: Increasing Cybersecurity for Remote Work

The volume of cyberattacks on small and mid-sized businesses has increased drastically as organizations and employees navigate the unfamiliar territory of remote work. For IT leaders, ramping up cybersecurity for the current borderless IT environment moves to the top of the to-do list.
Cash Management

Three Cash Management Strategies for Indianapolis Small Businesses

Implementing a thoughtful cash management strategy can make a significant difference right now, both for the financial health and leadership of your business. Steve Combs shares three areas that deserve your focus.