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Fraud Identification Tools Are Essential for Keeping Unemployment Insurance Scams at Bay, but They Aren’t Enough

In California, 1.4 million unemployment payments have been suspended while the state sorts through a massive fraud situation. To more effectively root out fraud, states need advanced fraud identification tools. They also need impeccable data and workflow processes.

Our Favorite 2020 Reads

Our team is known for being life-long learners, with a natural curiosity that keeps them exploring ideas and reading. Here’s a list of books that helped shape our 2020 growth.
alexa kovacs, junior data scientist

Meet Our People: Alexa Kovacs, Junior Data Scientist

Alexa’s exceptional skill and passion are noted by our team and clients, as well as the Indy tech community as Alexa was recently named the 2020 recipient IndyHackers Rising Star of the Year award.

KSM Consulting Named a Top-Rated Company Culture in National Tech Culture Awards

KSM Consulting has been announced as a finalist for Powderkeg’s 2020 National Tech Culture Awards in the categories of Top-Rated Culture and Top-Rated Sales & Marketing Team Culture.
top 10 content pieces

2020 Top Content on

2020’s most popular content on includes a mixture of client stories, expertise, exciting news, and a look behind the curtain at KSMC culture.
it services work from home covid

What Becomes of Business IT Services when COVID-19 Strikes—and After

Every move forward requires a compelling why. For many organizations, the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has provided a whopper of a reason to transition to the cloud.

Creating a Mission-Driven Culture

In a Forbes article, Mark explains that culture should always come back to your people. He strives to create a mission-driven company that shows up for its clients, each other, and its communities.

Combating Infant Mortality with Determination and Data Insights

All over the United States, reducing the rate of infant mortality has been an ongoing struggle. However, over the past several years in our own home state of Indiana, we’ve seen a determined effort on the part of healthcare providers to address this tragic state of affairs.
woman laying down for eye surgery

Client Story: Addressing Constant Change for a Niche Medical Provider

No two clients are alike, meaning that while our approach to IT managed services is consistent, what we end up doing for an organization can be any number of things.