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Top 10 Blog Posts of 2017

As we wrap up 2017, we’re looking back on the most popular articles on the KSMC blog this year. Did your favorite article make the list?

Blockchain’s Potential in Government

There are several emerging technologies on the horizon. Many have the ability to transform government. In this post, we explore blockchain’s potential impact on government. The conversation has transitioned from why to use blockchain to how to use blockchain.

Delighting Citizens Through Technology

With a passion for using technology to delight citizens, Michele Hovet, KSM Consulting’s director of client and partner innovation, presented, “Influencing Program Outcomes with Data." During this five-minute talk, Michele shares her big hairy audacious goal of making people delighted with government.

Improving Customer Service with Chatbots

At KSM Consulting, when it comes to technology, our team is always seeking ways to incorporate emerging technology into our everyday lives. Continuing our emerging technology blog series, learn about how chatbots can be utilized to improve customer service.

Checklist to Agile Organizational Transformation

Is your organization ready to take part in the Agile transformation? We’ve compiled four tips for consideration as you think through moving your organization to Agile.

Meet Our People: Andrew Moster

Andrew’s parents sparked a love of technology in him at an early age when he was tasked with setting up their high-speed internet. Andrew grew to love technology so much that he launched his own company at the young age of 16! Today, he continues to help people overcome their technology challenges as a part of the KSMC team.

Three Elements of Impactful Business Intelligence

To create an effective BI strategy, three elements are necessary to serve business decision makers: people, process, and technology. BI projects that encompass all three elements can lead to the successful implementation of a BI tool and enable end-user adoption.

Design Thinking in Daily Doses

Incorporating design thinking principles into our daily activities can ensure time is used in a valuable manner. Consider it your daily dose of design thinking. Your daily dose of design thinking is about utilizing the design thinking framework and principles to facilitate everyday interactions with your team, family, friends, and maybe even someone you just met. Here, we share three applications of design thinking for you to incorporate into your everyday.

Blockchain Benefits for Small-to-Mid-Sized Businesses

Blockchain is a newer term that you may have encountered in discussions about emerging technology. What is blockchain? How can you use it in a small-to-mid-sized business (SMB)? This post will break it down and walk you through one potential application of blockchain for SMBs.