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The Thinking Behind KSMC111: How Research-Based Design Helped Shape Our New Office

At KSMC, our job is all about finding the best solutions for our clients. But when it came to designing KSMC111—our new downtown office and innovation center—the challenge became finding the best solution for us.

Optimizing Government Technology Resources

Local governments, in communities all across the United States, provide seamless services to citizens every day. They are the key to running water, well-being and safety through first responders, and so much more. Behind these seamless services? Technology.

Five Characteristics of a Great Business Analyst

Great business analysts are at the center of successful technology projects, pulling together and connecting all the aspects of the challenge to drive a solution that will serve the organization and its end users. We believe these five characteristics make up a great business analyst.

We Couldn’t Wait Until April to Show You Our New Space

KSMC111 isn't supposed to open until April, but we couldn't wait that long to show you our new space. So, it’s in that spirit that we put together this video alongside our design partner, DELV Design, featuring an animated flythrough of our new space.

Selecting the Right Document Management Solution for Your Business

Companies work with thousands of documents every day, and it’s easy for information to be lost or misplaced. You need a document management solution that works with your business—and more important, with the people who use documents .

Watch CEO Charlie Brandt on Inside INdiana Business

When Inside INdiana Business invited CEO Charlie Brandt to speak more about the new office, our philosophy of collaboration, and how we designed a space for functionality and inspiration, we were thrilled. Watch the full interview to learn more.

What To Do in the Wake of Meltdown and Spectre

Meltdown and Spectre are two of the latest security vulnerabilities, affecting nearly all modern computers at the hardware level. It's important to understand the vulnerabilities at the highest level as well as the action steps that we recommend for your organization.

Uptown Downtown: Introducing KSMC’s New Downtown Indianapolis Office

We’re excited to announce that we’ve started construction at KSMC111, our new office and innovation center located at 111 Monument Circle.

SAPRadio Recap: 2018 Technology and Business Predictions

KSM Consulting client and partner innovation director, Michele Hovet, was invited to participate in the podcast “Game-Changers Crystal Ball 2018 Predictions – Part 4,” a special edition series of “Coffee Break with Game-Changers,” presented by SAP.