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Meet Our People: Erin Hartz

Business Intelligence Consultant, Erin Hartz brings her teaching background to her work at KSM Consulting, providing insights and understanding to educators looking to improve the lives of their students.

Working with Nonprofit Organizations to Fulfill Their Mission and Ours

We're proud to support the nonprofit organizations within our communities that fill invaluable roles - turning passion into action in a variety of ways - that make the lives of those less fortunate better and richer.

Meet Our People: Sara Hunter

A forward thinker and fearless problem solver, Sara Hunter brings her teaching background to her work as a Senior Consultant in the KSM Consulting Public Sector Services team specializing in Education Data Services.

Meet Our People: Lisa Kabat

Lisa provides true value to clients by beginning with questions and taking time to understand the source of their challenges before beginning to work with them to develop forward-thinking solutions.

Meet Our People: Amrutha Wheeler

A driven leader and advocate for consistent learning, Amrutha Wheeler, Data Science Team Lead, uses her unique background to take our data science team to the next level.

Kachur Promoted to VP of Talent, Director Promotions Announced

KSMC has announced the promotion of Louonna Kachur to VP of Talent, and the director-level promotions of Bernardo Unzueta, Ben Wories, and AJ Watson.

Adopting a Digital Transformation Mindset for Workforce

A true workforce development digital transformation prioritizes humans and then works from there to find technology solutions that fit.

City of Fort Wayne and Allen County selects KSM Consulting as Preferred IT Provider

KSM Consulting was awarded a 3-year contract to serve as the City of Fort Wayne and Allen County’s preferred IT service provider.

The Bridge from Data Integration to Insight Is People

Education data integration has the potential to unlock countless long-term benefits for our students, teachers, and states. We can help.