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Three Elements of Impactful Business Intelligence

To create an effective BI strategy, three elements are necessary to serve business decision makers: people, process, and technology. BI projects that encompass all three elements can lead to the successful implementation of a BI tool and enable end-user adoption.

Design Thinking in Daily Doses

Incorporating design thinking principles into our daily activities can ensure time is used in a valuable manner. Consider it your daily dose of design thinking. Your daily dose of design thinking is about utilizing the design thinking framework and principles to facilitate everyday interactions with your team, family, friends, and maybe even someone you just met. Here, we share three applications of design thinking for you to incorporate into your everyday.

Blockchain Benefits for Small-to-Mid-Sized Businesses

Blockchain is a newer term that you may have encountered in discussions about emerging technology. What is blockchain? How can you use it in a small-to-mid-sized business (SMB)? This post will break it down and walk you through one potential application of blockchain for SMBs.

Questions About Design Thinking? We Have Answers.

During a recent design thinking session, participants showed up engaged and ready to play, making it no surprise that at the conclusion of the session, we were challenged with some great questions. In this post, we share our thoughts surrounding their questions.

The Equifax Breach: Were You Affected?

Equifax, one of three major consumer credit reporting agencies, announced on September 7th, that hackers gained access to its company data and may have exposed the sensitive information of 143 million American consumers. Individuals who are not a current customer of Equifax may have data that was compromised during the breach. Review this post to learn how to verify if you were one of them.

Business Intelligence: Farm to Table

When you think of business intelligence (BI), the first thing likely to come to mind is a sharp-looking dashboard. A dashboard is one of the outputs or deliverables of a BI project. But BI is more than a dashboard. The real value of BI lies in examining your business, defining what success looks like, and creating the tools that will communicate your vision and track your progress.

Project Health Assessment: How to Avoid Project Failure

IT projects of all shapes and sizes fail for a myriad of reasons, all of which revolve around the fact that projects are increasingly complex and, therefore, actually prone to failure. Before a project reaches the point of no return, implementing a Project Health Assessment can help protect the investment.

Why Technology Requires Empathy

Technology implementations often overlook an important element: the end user. Understanding an end user plays a critical role in the development of an effective solution. The way to attain a thorough understanding? Empathy.

How to Handle the Fork in Your Software Selection Road

The continued rise of industry-specific software is creating a decision fork for businesses as they consider new technology solutions. Businesses now face the added complexity of deciding whether or not an industry-specific solution is the best choice.