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KSMC Employees Deepen Their Expertise

One of KSMC’s core values is “Deep Expertise.” With a conglomeration of curious, smart, and driven employees, KSMC is committed to providing ample opportunities for continued personal and professional growth.

Helping Indy Achieves Increase Student Enrollment

A chance for all eligible Marion County students to attend college at no cost: that’s the promise the Indiana 21st Century Scholarship Program makes to middle school Hoosiers. But with program enrollment at less than 100%, Indy Achieves brought in KSM Consulting (KSMC) to help understand enrollment patterns to enroll more students.

On-Prem vs. Microsoft Azure Cloud Comparison

Cloud computing has become an integral part of technology, but the move to a subscription-based cloud service can be overwhelming. There are tons of new terms, processes, best practice shifts, and a million other nuances that can make most feel overwhelmed. 

Inspiring Ideas through Innovation

Simply stated, if companies don’t innovate, they won’t stay in business. And as humans, our natural tendency toward creativity and innovation is trained out of us in the first couple of decades of our lives.

2018: Year in Review (The Year of New)

It’s that time of year again. A time to reflect and be thankful. Thankful to you for reading this. Thankful for our clients and partners. Thankful for our people.

Top 10 Content Pieces of 2018

As we wrap up 2018, we’re taking a look back on our most popular articles, webinars, and case studies of the year.

Meet Our People: Orr Fellows Edition

KSM Consulting is a proud supporter – and beneficiary of the phenomenal talent – of Indianapolis’ Orr Fellowship program which pairs great talent from Indiana and beyond with growing technology-oriented businesses in Indianapolis.

A Day in the Life: Business Technology

Have you ever wondered what a typical day for a Business Technologist might look like? Well, according to KSM Consulting’s Scott Schoenherr, Team Lead, there really is no typical day

KSMC Employees Lend a Helping Hand

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow (okay, it was really just a cold, steady rain) could keep KSMC employees away from 2018 Community Day. Although we had to adjust some of our plans for the weather, we still came out en masse to assist our client, The Villages, with some much needed manual labor.