Healthcare Consulting

Healthcare is a rapidly changing, complicated industry that demands innovative, forward-thinking solutions. KSMC specializes in helping healthcare organizations solve problems and achieve objectives by leveraging our wide range of skillsets and experience, empowering clients to make better decisions—which leads to more favorable outcomes.

Whether you’re a large, fully integrated health system with academic medical centers or a community-based provider group, we can help you navigate the challenges facing your industry.

Population Health

It’s no secret that healthcare is evolving, and many providers and provider-sponsored payers are making the shift toward a population health model. If your organization is changing from volume-based to value-based coordinated care, our team has the experience and insight to help you overcome your challenges. We’ll work with providers, staff, and administrators to create a strategy focused on performance and outcomes—and we have all the capabilities necessary for you to make a seamless transition to a population health model.

  • Population health management strategies
  • Population health infrastructure design and deployment
  • Provider engagement strategy and programming
  • Risk adjustment education and training
  • Value-based clinical and operational transformation
  • Patient care management programming
  • Vendor relationship management and RFP lifecycle support
  • Customized predictive analytics and tailored operational solutions

Healthcare Analytics

Healthcare organizations collect and store massive amounts of data; knowing how to utilize and take advantage of this data is key to optimizing efficiency, identifying trends, and predicting outcomes. KSMC assists healthcare clients with data analytics in three primary ways:

Data strategy: We’ll create a data strategy that will extract the most value from the data you’re collecting. That includes identifying gaps in your reporting, making your data clearly understandable, and using predictive analytics to plan ahead.

HIPAA compliance and reporting: Our team knows how to make sure you’re HIPAA compliant and have all necessary reporting capabilities. We’ll also ensure that your data is available to whoever needs it in your organization while keeping it secure.

Capacity building: We can improve your existing storage capabilities by augmenting database structure and architecture, and can enhance your data strategy with sophisticated modeling.

We worked together with the State of Indiana to help visualize and analyze Medicare data on a massive scale—see for yourself what we did.

Healthcare IT Consulting

For healthcare organizations to stay secure, efficient, and compliant in this evolving industry, they need a strong IT strategy customized specifically for their needs.

Virtual CIO Services:  Our team of technology leaders and technical experts understand the unique challenges facing healthcare organizations, and will work together with you to make sure your IT is working for—and not against—your organization by ensuring your technology is in alignment with the goals of your organization.

Disaster recovery planning: Ensuring you can get your technology up and running in the event of a disaster is critical. Our team is here to help every step of the way from identifying critical resources, to establishing recovery objectives and timelines, to consistent testing, to comprehensive backups. Our team will plan, implement, and verify these systems to ensure you have a working plan to get your technology back up and running.

Cloud solutions: We have assisted countless organizations build a cloud strategy and migration plan. We help to plan, implement, and maintain local and public cloud solutions like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, VMWare, Hyper-V, and more.

Technology systems management: We take on the responsibility of managing your technology, so you can get back to focusing on your business.

We assisted Healthcare Claims Management to undergo an IT Assessment to gain more in-depth visibility into its technology and current challenges—see for yourself what we did.


In the healthcare industry, security is all about managing risk and focusing on the end user. We can help you understand and evaluate all of your organization’s risk factors—including risk created by vendors and data regulatory requirements—so that sensitive data is always protected while still being accessible to authorized parties. Effective cybersecurity takes a continuous effort, regular communication, and constant adaptation to ever-changing threats and vulnerabilities.

Project Management

We have a deep understanding of how to help healthcare organizations leverage technology to their advantage, and how to keep people and processes on the same page to ensure project success. Our team has significant experience working with enterprise-level healthcare organizations, assisting them with developing and implementing IT solutions on a large scale. We’re skilled at empathizing with healthcare providers, understand their challenges, and can show your team effective strategies that promote working together toward a common goal, no matter how big or complicated your organization.