Industry Expertise

Our team has the versatility to work with clients on a diverse range of projects across many different industries. We assist with management consulting services, business technology, data analytics, and project management, finding solutions that are designed to meet the unique challenges of your organization.

We work with clients across six industries, including:


State & Local Government

We have significant experience working with government agencies, helping them lead complex, large-scale projects to success. Learn More
small business

Small & Mid-sized Businesses

KSMC creates custom solutions for small and mid-sized businesses that help them improve processes and reach long term objectives. Learn More


We have the knowledge and experience to keep enterprise-level projects on budget and on track. Learn More


Nonprofit organizations face unique problems that KSMC is uniquely suited to help solve. Learn More
higher education

Higher Education

Our custom solutions have helped colleges and universities across the country reach all of their goals. Learn More


We understand healthcare processes, data, and systems as well as anyone, making us a valuable partner for clients in this industry. Learn More
Case Study
Data Transformation Enables Analysis and Performance Tracking
The State of Indiana was the first state to undertake the challenge of creating a centralized data repository to become more efficient and transparent.