IT Consulting

KSMC’s IT consulting services take a business-first approach to helping you meet complex technology challenges. Our job is to turn technology into a strategic and competitive advantage for your business.

IT Assessments

Strategic use of technology requires a holistic understanding of the technology in play, as well as your business goals, needs, and resources. Encompassing business and technology strategy, IT management, business applications, infrastructure, and security, our IT assessments provide you with a complete view of your business and technology needs.

Cloud Strategy

Having migrated hundreds of clients to the cloud, our team has learned the subtle complexities involved in this process. We’ve crafted a six step migration strategy to ensure a seamless transition and user adoption, whether it be SaaS, IaaS, or to a data center.

IT Strategy and Planning

Aligning technology with business strategy continues to become more complex. Our team of experts works with clients to align their people, processes, and technology for the future.

Our solutions are backed by strong real-world results. Based on surveys, 90% of our clients are likely to recommend KSMC to another company, and 94% of our clients view us as a trusted advisor.

You can count on KSMC to find the optimal IT strategy for your business. With our client-focused approach, you can be sure we’ve got the right answer for your organization.

IT Consulting Leadership

Our IT consulting leadership team can help your organization thrive.

Mark Caswell
Director of Technology
Ryan Achterberg
Chief of Technology