Application Development

The applications your business selects, implements, and develops are often the differentiating factor between you and your competition. When application development or customization is required, KSMC will help you maximize the value of your investment.

Our unique approach to application development starts by gaining an understanding of your business, strategies, people, and processes. From that base, we use our depth of knowledge across a variety of technologies and platforms—all the while keeping in mind considerations of cost and timeliness—to select the right application for your business.

It can be difficult to choose the right path when it comes to application development, which is why we’ll help you translate your unique business needs, processes, and workflows into functional and technical requirements that fully capture what the application needs to achieve. The project often hinges on this translation from the business world to the tech world, and it becomes the differentiator between success and failure for your application development project.

Finally, our team is adept at collaboratively and iteratively executing the launch of your application to ensure success. This shows up in the form of regular information sharing through project updates so you can be confident the project is always on track and adapting to your business needs. Rigorous testing, both technical and functional, is completed to make sure users are able to take advantage of the application.

Most importantly, we’ll continue to collaborate with you until your application is integrated seamlessly within your organization. Understanding your application is more than a technical endeavor, we’ll regularly communicate with the user base, conduct training, and follow up so you can be confident the application will be fully utilized and your investment realized.

With so many decisions to make, you can trust KSMC to choose the right approach and the right technology for your business.

Application Development Leadership

Our application development leadership team can help you define a strategy for implementation based on your unique needs.

Mark Caswell
Director of Technology
Dan Moyers
Practice Manager