Exceptional Business Consulting

KSM Consulting team is made up of a team of professional business consultants who are dedicated to helping clients reach their goals. They’re ready to bring their Business Consulting experience and expertise to partner with you to align your people, processes, and technology.

Our Wide Scope of Business Consulting Benefits

At KSM Consulting, our Business Consulting team creates customized solutions for each client that is centered around their individual needs. Our experienced consultants range from technicians, engineers, mathematicians, project managers, and experienced business professionals, all across a wide variety of disciplines.

We work to help our clients succeed through:

  • IT Consulting
  • Management Consulting
  • Project Management Services
  • Cybersecurity

Our well-versed team will work alongside yours to identify the root of a challenge, find the best possible solution, and implement it successfully.

Small to Mid-Size Business IT Consulting

Our Business Consulting team understands how important IT is to keeping your business up and running. We are committed to making your day-to-day operations easier, KSM Consulting will take the stress out of IT management so that you can focus on what really matters: achieving your business goals. 

Some of the IT Consulting services offered include:

    • IT Assessments
    • IT Managed Services
    • Cloud Solutions
    • IT Strategy and Planning
    • IT Infrastructure Consulting
    • Office Moves
    • Document Management Solution Implementation

KSM Consulting can help your organization leverage IT as a strategic asset from the day-to-day operations to the complex implementations that help your business run smoothly. Our award-winning team is continuously learning about the latest technology to provide you with top-tier support and technology solutions.

KSM Consulting IT Assessments

We start each of our IT  Assessments with a complete discovery of your business’ technical operation and organizational strategy to determine how to best leverage your technology in support of your goals.

After gaining an in-depth understanding of your technology environment, KSMC’s Business Consulting will:

  • Examine your technology procedures covering everything from support to infrastructure and security.
  • Provide a detailed list of findings and prioritized recommendations for remediation.
  • Offer a roadmap for improvement related to the use of and planning for technology by aiming to boost organization-wide productivity and lessen exposure of sensitive information.

By gaining knowledge of your organization, goals, and technical environment, KSM Consulting will help prioritize recommended projects as well as partner with you for implementation to get you where you want to be.

IT Managed Services

Through KSM Consulting Managed IT Services, not only will you benefit from dynamic, continuous service, but increased productivity and cost-efficiency gains. Outsourcing IT allows in-house IT staff to concentrate on your organization’s larger strategic objectives by outsourcing the daily challenges that can delay forward progress.

When it comes to assisting with the management of your IT operations, we’ll work alongside your IT staff to ensure organizational objectives are being met.

Cloud Solutions

Using the cloud to store your information has many advantages. Cloud computing is one of the best ways to securely back up your servers, and it can save you money. Limited computing power can become an obstacle with physical servers, but with a cloud solution, you can rest assured that you’re not over-paying for computing power. What do our Business Consultants like the most about moving to the cloud? The flexibility your staff gains. Your staff can work from the office, home, or any location on the go.

More IT Consulting Solutions and Benefits

We focus on adding value to our clients and creating solutions for them to be successful. In addition to our other services, our team assists organizations with:

  • IT Strategy and Planning– KSM Consulting experts work with you to ensure that your IT roadmap is aligned with your business needs. This can also include contract reviews, vendor management, budgeting support, and more.
  • IT Infrastructure Consulting– Our team works with you to ensure that your infrastructure is current and operating optimally, allowing your business to remain competitive and secure. Our skilled technicians have implemented hundreds of successful infrastructure replacements.
  • Office Moves– Our oversight will help any office relocation go more smoothly with minimal loss of productivity and optimized technology in your new space.
  • Document Management Services– After gaining a thorough understanding of the strategic goals of your unique organization, we help you evaluate document management solutions like SharePoint Online, Box.com, and Google Drive to determine the right choice for your needs. Then, we work with you to develop automated  workflows to maximize your use of the system after implementation.

Regardless of what your organization’s goals and needs are, KSM Consulting will work tirelessly to tackle all of your technology challenges. Our Business Consulting services will make sure that nothing stands in the way of moving your goals forward.

Management Consulting Services

Along with business IT consulting, KSM Consulting provides management consulting services. Our team handles a broad range of challenges concerning organizational effectiveness and can partner with you to ensure a high level of business performance.

Our management consulting services include:

  • Organizational and Process Improvement
  • Collaboration and Productivity
  • Financial Services
  • Corporate and Strategic Planning Services

When it comes to organizational change-whether a change in technology, tools, or operations- our Business Consulting team realizes that organizational change management plays an important role in successful implementation throughout the business transition. Periods of change require communication and human interaction from all levels of the business. Without a strategy for implementing change, the likelihood of adoption decreases – and therefore the likelihood of success does as well. KSM Consulting understands the importance of change management and incorporates it into our management consulting services.

Organizational and Process Improvement

We work to provide independent analysis, strategy implementation, and process redesign. Our approach to achieving operational excellence relies on teamwork. We don’t just give you a consultation and trust you’ll implement our suggestions. Our Business Consulting team partners with our clients and use a collaborative, feedback-based approach to identify the best solutions to propel your business into greater success.

Financial Services

Our corporate finance team can help you increase profitability, restructure pricing, implement a growth strategy, or more. From financial reporting and planning, to CFO-on-demand services, KSM Consulting will be able to meet your company’s needs with a comprehensive solution.

Corporate Training and Strategic Planning

If your organization is in need of executive coaching, sales training, or human resources assistance, we have professional consultants to team up with you. We can assist with:

  • Mentoring
  • Leadership development
  • Executive coaching
  • Strategic planning
  • Operational continuity planning

Whatever roadblocks are challenging your firm’s growth, Our Business Consulting program can help smooth out operational and management challenges.

Project Management Consulting

KSM Consulting understands how difficult it can be to get all of the moving parts of a big project working together as one. We also know how time-consuming and stressful it can be to plan and oversee major projects. Our Business Consulting experts focus on managing all of the details to ensure successful execution.

Software Implementation and Integration

KSM Consulting’s team of project managers and consultants are experienced with managing the implementation of new software into an organization – whether it’s ERP, HCM, CRM, or other. Successful integrations have come from a commitment to requirements gathering and understanding of the organization’s and end user needs, change management, and accountability across all parties.


KSM Consulting’s cybersecurity professionals work hard to protect your company’s network and its vital information. Our team has helped organizations with:

  • Security Architecture and Strategy– Design and build of effective IT security procedures.
  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance– Information security compliance assessment specific to your industry, as well as enterprise-wide risk management and vendor risk management.
  • Threat Intelligence and Vulnerability Management– Receive vulnerability, wireless, and physical security assessments; social engineering assessments; penetration testing, and phishing campaign protection.
  • Information Protection and Privacy– Data discovery and classification in addition to data privacy assessments and loss prevention.
  • Cybersecurity Training and End-User Testing– End users are the most likely to be targeted in many of today’s cybersecurity attacks, your employees in those positions must be taught how to recognize and report any hacking or attempted attacks.

KSMC’s Business Consulting Advantage

KSM Consultants have the expertise to join in as team members and partner with all types of organizations. After gaining a thorough understanding of each company and its challenges, developing holistic solutions, and relying on thorough communication and collaboration, our Business Consulting team creates productive outcomes to help each organization reach its strategic goals.

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Case Study
IT Assessment Provides Transparency into IT Operations
Seeking a baseline related to its IT organization, KSMC recommended that Healthcare Claims Management undergo an IT Assessment to gain more in-depth visibility into its technology and current challenges.