Bring education insight from integrated data

The power of data lies not in the data itself but in the conversations around that data. Making those conversations happen means taking a new approach to data—not as a compliance tool but a means for improving educational outcomes.

After investing significant funds and effort to institute a statewide longitudinal data system (SLDS), most states end up wondering, “Now what?” We walk beside our education clients, partnering toward the culture shift and technical improvements that move these systems forward to make data meaningful.


Our team starts with a detailed discovery phase and works with you toward the outcomes you want. Staying focused on your outcomes ensures you find insight and decision-making power within your data.

  • Every tool we build puts people at the center. We take great pains to understand your stakeholders and create the data solutions that support their work.
  • Our team ensures you have a strong foundation through collaborative education data governance among multiple state agencies. Without that base, your data linkage system can’t provide accurate, reliable data.
  • Whatever your priorities, we help you work toward providing students opportunities through effective education data utilization that enables policymakers and practitioners to answer complex questions.
  • Because data visualizations are essential, we design dashboards that encourage collaboration, spotlight trends, and provide early warnings to trigger action. Our human-centered approach ensures dashboards align with how your users work.


Your team will include data and policy experts who’ve dedicated their careers to education. They get meaningful results because from technical and sector expertise—and by staying focused on the people at the heart of your complex problems—they’ve helped education thrive with these and other services:

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State Education Services Overview: Every state in the nation has the ability to connect student data between systems, and few have yet found the full potential within that data. Getting those answers requires more than a great system. Let us help bring education insight from integrated data.

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