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Collaborative data analysis without sacrificing security.

When data is siloed and data governance inadequate, leveraging information to make smart decisions is almost impossible. Building an environment where centralized technology and data analytics are leveraged across departments and agencies creates possibilities to address challenges that intersect multiple areas.

Our Public Sector team takes a detailed assessment of where you are today—how you’re utilizing and sharing data, and where opportunities for improved data strategy exist. They lay out a roadmap that offers a prioritized plan for optimizing your data and increasing your collaborative and analytical capacity.

Because we’ve collaborated with public sector agencies since our origins in 2008, we’re at home in your world. A tailored centralized technology and data analytics team developed and dedicated to your agency will include specialists with direct experience in your specific policy area—and bring the objective insight that complex projects require and demand. We take ownership of your strategy and deliver your solution with skilled project management and the rigorous science that complicated data challenges demand.

Our Approach

We have a long track record of delivering innovative data solutions for cross-agency environments, enabling sharing among internal partners and reliable answers to complex questions. We deliver these solutions by incorporating Design Thinking methodologies and incisive portfolio management practices, and through creative, incisive products built by unrivaled data scientists. We delve deeply into your existing technology and data environment to craft solutions that bring greater transparency and collaboration.

We bring objective insight to your challenges and collaborate closely with stakeholders and vendors to deliver the greatest impact for your employees and constituents. And because we’re naturally curious partners who thrive on collaboration, we don’t quit until we deliver a solution that makes lives and work easier—and brings transformative impact to your agency.


For especially complex challenges, a team with long experience within government and quasi-governmental organizations matters. We offer much more than that: The technical excellence of our data scientists, engineers, and developers is unmatched in the industry.

Strategy and Plan Development

Centralizing data and technology depend on an incredibly complex network of stakeholders, objectives, and assets. Success relies on an early assessment of where you are now and where you want it to take you. We help you identify a host of factors that help light your way forward, including risks, resources, compliance issues, data integration and governance issues, and the training and implementation that will help teams embrace the change.

Centralized Data Hub

We’ve designed and built vast centralized data hubs to ensure organizations safely and effectively compile data from disparate sources—across the governmental and among external partners. When you can depend on input and analysis from a range of contributors, a centralized platform improves data-informed policymaking, increases transparency to the citizenry, and improves decision making.

CoRE Platform

CoRE makes data more accessible while keeping it secure: Owners place data in the secure environment, and users can’t export it without direct approval. Government agencies and their trusted partners integrate our CoRE platform to swiftly collaborate, share, and analyze within a secure, feature-rich environment monitored by the agency’s trusted administrators.

Experience and Expertise

We’re proud of the work we’ve done to support public-sector agencies—and of the education and experience our team brings to your project. Our team brings deep subject matter expertise and has delivered solutions to support the mission-critical outcomes of agencies of all shapes and sizes, especially in these areas:

Public Sector Services Team

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