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We help public sector agencies modernize to better meet their present challenges and prepare for their most effective futures. They come to us when they need custom software, an innovative tool, independent verification and validation, or a move to the cloud. They come to us when technology frustrates progress: when apps aren’t keeping up or systems have outlived their usefulness. They come to us because we have the technical expertise and the public sector experience to help make meaningful change happen fast—and under budget.

Public sector agency modernization isn’t a goal but a mindset. Our experienced team collaboratively and insightfully delivers impact through your agency modernization, helping you implement solutions that make lives and work easier—through technology and beyond, addressing the culture, process, and implementation elements of your transformation. The result is meaningful change that’s flexible enough to grow as your modernization progresses.

Our Approach

Our public-sector clients know they’ll get innovative, reliable technology solutions to complex problems, but our value doesn’t end there. We approach your modernization through product-centric delivery that addresses the needs of your organization and your people. Our top-tier technology experts delve deeply into your existing technology and data environment to find creative modernization solutions that align your people, processes and technology now—and ensure flexibility for the long haul.

Your modernization team will include specialists with direct experience in your policy area and technical experts with vast public-sector experience. Because we’re at home in your world, we’re better able to understand your needs, collaborate with your leadership and your vendors, and deliver the greatest impact for your employees and constituents. And because we’re naturally curious partners who thrive on collaboration, we don’t quit until we deliver a solution that makes lives and work easier—and brings transformative impact to your agency.


Within technology lies infinite possibility—which sounds nice in theory but gets daunting fast. Organizations come to us for incisive modernization solutions that improve outcomes by aligning people, processes, and technology, and for thoughtful partnership that implements them successfully and transforms your agency.

Modernization Strategy

The potential for any modernization is vast, and success depends on an early assessment of where you are now and where you want it to take you. We help you identify a host of factors that help light your way forward, including risks, resources, compliance issues, process creation and adherence, and your team’s change-readiness.

Project and Portfolio Management

Tracking, consistency, risk management, and oversight from an experienced partner help projects across your portfolio meet milestones—on budget—and support effective outcomes within the intended scope.

Application Development and Integration

Modernization often means updating processes and applications. We go to great lengths to understand your organization and goals so that our developers can transform the tools you rely on, ensure they’re implemented effectively, and help give your teams everything they need to embrace the transformation.

Centralized Data and Tech

Building an environment where technology and data are leveraged across departments and agencies creates possibilities to address challenges that intersect multiple areas.

Our Public Sector team takes a detailed assessment of where you are today and lays out a roadmap that offers a prioritized plan for optimizing your data and increasing your collaborative and analytical capacity.

Data Integration and Solutions

Find reliable, timely information across departments and agencies through data and application integration. Our specialists build solutions that enable extraction for large volume of data from disparate sources to a centralized, accessible location. Information can become insight for policy and programs when effectively utilized for precise analysis.

Cloud Migration

Cloud migration is never the same twice. We combine careful investigation of your processes and technology—and how your people utilize them—with your organization’s strategy and goals to collaborate with you toward digital transformation.

Experience and Expertise

We’re proud of the work we’ve done to support public-sector agencies—and of the education and experience our team brings to your project. Our team brings deep subject matter expertise and has delivered solutions to support the mission-critical outcomes of agencies of all shapes and sizes, especially in these areas:

Public Sector Services Team

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