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The complexity of public sector organizations is matched only by the magnitude and reach of the work happening within them. Achieving progress toward those critical missions is easier with a partner who offers objective insight drawn from long experience. Our public sector consulting experts have the experience and expertise required to navigate the unique and complicated challenges of local, state, and federal government work.

We partner with government entities toward solutions that go beyond technology to transformation that helps government entities grow in efficacy and efficiency. Partnering with KSM Consulting gives you an entire team of advocates with unique specialties and experience utilizing them in the public sector. We’ve worked within city and state agencies, schools, and national organizations and deliver reliable expertise to solve real-world problems. We’re passionate specialists who carefully investigate your agency operations, collaborate closely to engineer solutions, and implement changes that bring lasting impact.

We think big without losing sight of the details—or the people who’ll utilize and benefit from your project. We design and implement the solution that will make your work happen more efficiently and minimize disruptions in the process. Because we specialize in complex government projects, we know well how to work with you to make your once in-a-career undertaking happen effectively, to find the opportunity within regulations while keeping you compliant, and to manage deadlines, costs, and vendors so you can stay focused on your work.

Your project team will include experts with education and career experience in your sector. You can be confident that not only are we dedicated to your project but to your work and its outcomes. We’ll work with you to bring best practices and greater connectivity to your organization—starting where you are today and moving forward with empathy and insight.

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Collaboration is in our nature. We bring together the team to fit the challenge so that you get the right blend of specialties and experience to support your desired outcomes.

Program and Policy Consulting

An experienced, objective partner can provide the perspective that improves program reach and resource utilization. We evaluate the efficacy of your existing programs or help you build a program that reaches its most productive outcomes.

Agency and Department Modernization

Your agency modernization impacts all you do and the people who do it. We work from your current IT, software, and migration challenges to design a solution and carry it through smoothly to ensure meaningful change that serves your teams and constituents.

Data Interoperability Technology Solutions

Leveraging your data to make smart decisions depends on how you work and collaborate across agencies. We craft effective, secure, centralized solutions to help you compile reliable, accessible, accurate data and make the most of technology across the government.

We’re proud of our Public Sector successes, and we’d love to tell you more.

We’re proud of the work we’ve done to support public-sector agencies—and of the experience our team brings to each important project. Learn more about the work we’ve done to transform public sector departments across the country, enabling them to utilize data and technology to better utilize their scarce resources and improve service to their constituents.

Education, Workforce, and Unemployment

From early care to higher education, integrating data and technology helps agencies find new ways to address unmet needs and ensure more people get the services they need to excel.

Health and Human Services

Our specialists help agencies get more from federal funding with solutions that unlock insights by using sophisticated analysis techniques and integrating data from numerous sources.

Public Safety, Corrections, and Criminal Justice

Critically important public-safety efforts become more effective when agencies hold the power of data, technology, and process solutions that deliver answers to difficult questions and help citizens access services.

Revenue Management and Budget

Agencies come to us when they need greater clarity to improve program outcomes, financial reporting, and expense management. We help solve their most complex challenges through engaged partnership that applies technical excellence and a collaborative process to achieve positive outcomes for people.

We work collaboratively with our clients to help them find solutions to challenges. Take a look at our case studies to see some examples of how we work with clients to create and implement optimal solutions.

Josh Wakefield

VP, Public Sector Services

Ben Wories

Director of Strategy and Outcomes Group, Public Sector Services

Jess Carter

Director, Public Sector Services

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