Project Management Consulting Services

Implementing a change across an entire organization is no simple task.

Fortunately, the experienced project management team at KSM Consulting understands. We have helped hundreds of organizations successfully adopt new technology, processes, and strategies to  build more effective organizations.

With significant experience in project management consulting, we can apply our project management services to your technology implementation whether it’s related to an ERP system, document management, CRM, data tools, or other software. With a focus on leadership, communication, and outcomes, our team will work alongside you to bring about your desired results.

We specialize in a variety of project management areas including software selection, technology implementation, project assurance, and project turnaround.  

Project Management Planning

Through years of hands-on experience, KSMC has developed a comprehensive approach to project management based on PMBOK principles and our experience driving successful launches. This proprietary approach, which has been proven successful client after client, is meticulously built and adapted to meet each individual client’s needs and goals.

The key components of our project management approach include:

  • Collaborative Engagement. We foster collaboration within an organization by facilitating discussions and information sharing between departments and people.
  • Strategic Alignment. We spend time interviewing key leadership, reviewing internal documents, and evaluating current business plans.
  • Business Engagement. We conduct interviews, facilitate workshops, provide status updates, and iterate through feedback loops.
  • Independence and Objectivity. We ensure the business achieves its goals through a customized and tailored strategy that matches the needs of your organization.
  • Build Consensus and Buy-In. We build in feedback loops, and promote open communication and collaboration across all levels of stakeholders from technical to managerial, to executive staff.

Project managers at KSM Consulting specialize in bringing these components together to ensure your final project is implemented and adopted according to plan.

Essentials In Expert Project Management

One of the greatest challenges when it comes to updating a new piece of software or refining process and procedures is achieving successful adoption of this change.

That’s why, at KSM Consulting, we focus on so much more than simply putting the right technology into your hands. We work to make sure that your team is on board with the change that is about to affect them.

Not all end users will have an equal tolerance for change. That is why we believe change management is a cornerstone to great project management. By incorporating change management in project management, we drive to success as user adoption, not simply completion of a project or integration of software.

We understand that the difference is in the details. By devoting time to gaining a thorough understanding of your people, processes, and technology, our team can support your organization’s success.

Project Deliverables and Process Check-Ins

A critical-to-success factor is the ability to be flexible and adapt during the course of a project – ironing out problems encountered along the way. Because of this, KSM Consulting is committed to providing deliverables throughout a project that provide insight into progress.

Before a project begins, we evaluate which deliverables will be effective in driving a project toward success and tailor them to the project at hand. By providing and collaborating on deliverables throughout a project, we ensure parties are held accountable and that the project is tracking toward successful completion.

The Advantage of Partnering with KSM Consulting

Our main areas of project management expertise are:

  • Software Selection. Uncovering your software requirements and business processes before evaluating various solutions to find the right one for your needs..
  • Software Implementation. Implementing and integrating software into an organization’s environment in a manner that preserves data and sets the organization up for success and adoption.
  • Project Management Offices. Standing up a PMO to ensure consistent processes, policies, and outcomes for large-scale technology initiatives in an organization.
  • Project Turnaround. Helping to bring an unbiased perspective to get a project back on the right track and drive to launch.
  • Project Assurance. Working with all levels of your team to understand the details of your project and make sure it crosses the finish line.
  • Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V). Dedicated to saving you time, money, and effort by overseeing and evaluating complex technology projects across any industry.

We understand that every technology project becomes successful by creating a way that people, processes, and technology work together as one unit. Because of our experience, commitment, and expertise, KSM Consulting has earned its reputation as high caliber project management consultants.

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Case Study
Project Turnaround Produces Modernized Unemployment Insurance System
Successfully modernizing its unemployment insurance system to integrate Tax, Benefits, and Appeals at launch was the State of Indiana.