ERP System Integration

Get a clear view of your business with an effective ERP solution

No business can rely on strategy, decision-making, or day-to-day business management decisions without accurate, accessible data. A comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) system integrates the tools you need and ensures one, true source of data drives them all—effectively and efficiently.

Our Approach

Implementing a new ERP solution can be a process fraught with challenges, especially if you’re moving from an on-prem or legacy software solution to a cloud application. Our team brings experience, expertise, and an extensive management software toolbox to ensure your most effective integration.

Our team starts with a thorough discovery process to identify your challenges, evaluate your existing business software solutions, and understand your organization’s strategy. We work with your teams to find their frustrations, see their strengths, and learn how they work. Only then do we design a solution and implementation plan—one that works in lockstep with your business with the goal of helping you thrive.

While our teams are adept technical experts, we don’t just suggest a software solution to you and walk away. We design a holistic program encompassing IT solutions, legacy software migration, business process improvements, and training materials, in order to ensure your new ERP platform’s success.

We partner with first-rate providers like NetSuite and QuickBooks Online among others, so we can work with you toward the solution that best fits your business now and scales with you as you grow.


Our technical, financial, and business intelligence experts bring a range of insight to your challenges, collaborating with you toward a solution that helps your organization thrive and giving you clear visibility into your business with solutions modules such as:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • eCommerce
  • Order Management
  • Financials
  • Project management

We start with a business application assessment to determine exactly what you’re using and how, and then we help you with software selection and integration, guiding the project with meticulous communication and change management toward your streamlined, effective solution.

ERP System Integration Leadership

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