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IT Strategy and Planning

Technology that isn’t meticulously aligned with your business, people, and processes inhibits your progress and leaves you open to risk. Often, users underutilize the technology on hand. Others are thwarted by ill-suited applications or clunky software that has outlived its usefulness. Maximizing technology makes everything else you do easier. You lose obstacles like system crashes, data breaches, and ineffective processes and gain efficiencies that help achieve your mission.

Finding technology answers that help your organization thrive depends on partnership. We bring the expertise—and ceaseless curiosity—that drives us to discover all we can about what’s really going on in your business and the technology that could better support it.

Our Approach to IT Strategy and Planning

We’re natural collaborators energized by applying our knowledge and experience to your unique challenges. We’re not interested in prepackaged answers but in working alongside you to discover a uniquely impeccable solution.

Strategy and Planning relationships often begin with an IT Assessment including an extensive discovery process. Our engineers, architects, admins, and business consultants investigate your technology and your business from every angle. This phase requires a lot of incisive, educated questioning based on ample experience. And with a lot of listening.

We delve into how your people utilize technology and where it leaves them cold, and we look closely at your processes. We take careful stock of your assets on hand, identifying vulnerabilities and resources you might not have fully utilized or those that have reached end of life and are no longer serving you well.

When we understand your business and your goals, we work with you toward true technology solutions that protect and facilitate your business. You get a detailed plan for going forward in alignment with your business strategy and the technology improvements that support it.

Trusted Advisor

Strong relationships are built on trust. We’ve earned the trust of our clients over the years by creating and rolling out IT strategies that totally change the way they do business, making them faster and stronger than ever before. Our IT Consulting will give you that competitive edge you’ve been searching for. We have the experience, ingenuity, and resources to do the same for you.

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Virtual CIO

Outsourcing your chief information officer (CIO) position to KSMC has many advantages. For one, it means having a whole team of experienced IT engineers on your side instead of one person. That versatility leads to fast, effective problem solving that goes far beyond what you might expect from a helpdesk or software administrator. An IT Consultation will have this and many more helpful reorganization strategies that will free up your hardworking staff so they can focus on more important projects.

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IT Strategy and Roadmap

Given the complexity of technology today, an easy-to-understand IT action plan that supports your business strategy is critical in taking your business to the next level. Our IT Consulting experts can help you develop a three-year IT roadmap that clearly identifies what is in store in your future including spend, resources, technology, and more.


IT Budget and Planning

Many companies have no idea what their true cost of IT really is because of hidden expenditures, difficult-to-decipher contracts, and industry-specific terminology. But we can give you a clear, easy-to-understand picture of your IT spending, which will make sure there aren’t any budgetary surprises down the road. Our IT Consulting experts also make sure you’re prioritizing your projects and spends strategically, and in ways that promote growth and profitability.

Cloud Solutions Design

Whether it’s a migration to Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, or Amazon Web Services, disaster recovery options, or business continuity solutions, we use proven methodologies to implement the cloud support you need. We ask the right questions, then create a customized, cloud-based plan for your organization that combines your objectives with a clear path to achieving them.

Vendor Contract Review

Technology contracts can be notoriously difficult to understand. That can lead to overpayment, or payment for services that aren’t being used. We look at vendor contracts every day, and have a good understanding of fair market rates for vendor technology services, which means we’ll make sure you’re never overpaying on a contract.

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