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Utilizing KSMC’s IT managed services means that we’re responsible for your technology so you don’t have to be. This approach is a win-win for many businesses: it provides ongoing, active support from a reliable expert, typically saves you money, and gives your IT staff more time to focus on other objectives.

Outsourcing your IT managed services also frees up resources so your business can concentrate on growth goals, and it eliminates the hassle that often comes with managing IT internally.


Strategy and Planning

If your IT processes and solutions aren’t optimal, you’re being held back by the limitations of your technology—which means you aren’t maximizing productivity or revenue. We’ll walk you through an IT assessment, managing your network, security, backup systems, storage, and adapting to change in a way that boosts productivity while simplifying operations.

Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance

Your business can’t afford to shut down due to server issues. So you need proactive monitoring, and a team of IT experts ready to handle any issues that might arise. We’ll monitor your server health and performance 24/7, set up critical-alert monitoring, and provide Tier 1, 2, and 3 Support whenever you need it.

We can also fix any IT issues immediately, whether that means server patching, spam filtering, warranty or service renewals, backup reviews, content filters, cloud support, or any other maintenance issues you might have. And we stay proactive—because eliminating day-to-day IT challenges is what keeps your business running smoothly.

Helpdesk Support

Questions are common in the complicated world of IT, and we’re here to help. Our end-user support is designed to be simple and seamless, and we’re happy to provide support remotely or by coming to you. Either way, you can rest assured you won’t be wasting time or money trying to fix frustrating IT issues.

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