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Identity Management

Securing the identities of your employees is vital. Even with firewalls in place, identities can be compromised, and managing access privileges can become tricky—especially when you have thousands of unsecured devices requiring network access.

IT Consulting can show you how we know how to create digital IDs that can be easily tracked and monitored, ensuring maximum security and productivity. While identity management protects your digital assets, we also want to make the end user’s life as simple as possible. A great way to do that is with multifactor identification through Azure. This means fewer passwords, easier authentication, and better security.

Server Infrastructure

Most companies still have on-site IT infrastructure, but many of them are using inefficient or outdated systems. Our IT Consulting engineers understand the inner workings of physical servers, and how to upgrade, fix, and improve their functionality. We can design data centers and virtualization solutions, and assist with email platforms, office moves, cloud migration, adding to your current network, or even building a new one.

Data Center Design

Having a reliable, secure datacenter is something every business needs. KMC’s IT Consulting can present you with a design of a data center that’s both flexible and cost-efficient, and we give you plenty of different options, including private, public, and local cloud support. We can also set up a physical, local datacenter solution, or help you coordinate with an external datacenter.


Virtualization solutions combine software and hardware engineering, and they are transforming the way servers are used. IT Consulting will help your team understand virtualization and can integrate these solutions to overcome the limitations of physical servers.

Backup Solutions

You probably already have backup systems in place, but are they working properly? Are they set up correctly? Often they aren’t—and that puts you at risk. IT Consulting takes the ambiguity out of backup systems, creating a matrix that clearly shows you where and how everything is stored. And we can implement backup solutions too, so that there’s never any question about the reliability of your backup plan.

Email Platforms

Email is just as important to business as it’s ever been, and making sure your email platform is working optimally is critical to your organization’s success. IT Consulting can help you integrate many different email solutions, including:

  • Office 365
  • Exchange
  • Google Apps
  • Zimbra
  • Other 3rd party solutions

Network Infrastructure

Your network keeps you connected. It stands between the end user and the data they are trying to access. IT Consulting will show you how they will bridge that gap by managing your network, helping with migrations, and keeping your network accessible to those who need it—and protected from those that don’t.

Connectivity Planning

Making sure you have a plan to stay connected—especially when you’re talking about office moves, data center migrations, and cloud migrations—is necessary for any business. It’s also important to know your systems and devices are all cooperating, and can all access the network without issues.

ISP Contract Review

The price of internet service is constantly changing, and in most cases, it’s getting less expensive. If you haven’t reviewed your ISP contract lately, you might be overpaying. Even if you aren’t, you might be paying for services you are underutilizing, and IT Consulting can show you how to negotiate the right contract for the needs of your business.

The IT Consulting Team

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