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IT Assessments

Is your technology supporting your business strategy? Are your security measures up to date? Are you using the cloud to your full advantage? A comprehensive IT Consulting assessment will answer these questions and more, and it’s critical for maximizing efficiency, reducing risk, improving security, and boosting your bottom line.

We start every IT Consulting assessment by reviewing your business, technical, and operation/management strategy. Then we’ll take a look at your approach to IT support, infrastructure, data, security, and applications so we can give you targeted recommendations.

Technology Assessment

Our assessments are conducted by IT Consulting engineers with a deep understanding of network configurations, servers, licensing, system management, and a wide range of software applications. We do a top-to-bottom review of your IT environment that goes far beyond a simple checklist, giving you a complete picture of how your business is using technology.

After reviewing findings, we’ll recommend any necessary remediation, make sure you implement best practices, and assist you in creating a roadmap that will move your business forward.

Security and Penetration Testing Assessment

We place a strong emphasis on cybersecurity in everything we do. We’ll conduct a thorough review of the state of your network security, find any vulnerabilities, and fix them so you have the confidence that your business won’t be compromised.

IT Support Assessment

Our IT Consulting experts can help make sure you’re getting the most out of your IT support staff by providing you with actionable data as part of our assessment, giving you recommendations on how to maximize value from your team.

Cloud Readiness Assessment

Integrating the cloud into your IT environment can provide huge advantages for your company, but it also comes with many variables and security considerations. We’ve migrated hundreds of clients to the cloud, and we can help make the transition seamless by providing a cloud readiness assessment with a focus on security, licensing optimization, backup planning, migration, and business continuity.

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