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The digital age of the twenty-first century isn’t just steadily marching along; it’s sprinting at top speed into the future. Any business that doesn’t fully embrace digital transformation soon runs the risk of being left so far behind that they may end up dropping out of the race altogether. KSM Consulting has helped many companies elevate their approach to technology – and those companies have reaped the rewards. When handled properly, technology can take your organization from the status quo to new levels of success. One pathway we’ve returned to again and again across a variety of industries is Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and its suite of cloud computing services. Our team of Google Cloud Professionals includes both Data Engineer and Cloud Architect certifications, and we can help your company leverage GPC into a competitive advantage in your industry and your market.

Google Cloud Platform: A Formidable Growth Trajectory

The rapid growth in recent years of Google Cloud Platform in terms of services offered (see below) is impressive, as is the 100% growth in revenues GPC earned over the course of the past year as opposed to 60% growth for Microsoft Azure and only 35% growth for Amazon Web Services (AWS). While AWS has long been the leading cloud platform, Google appears to be on a trajectory to eventually overtake the top spot.

KSM Consulting remains technology agnostic when it comes to not only cloud platforms, but all the solutions our teams implement for a simple reason—we don’t push software, we pursue solutions. We work with organizations to find the best solution and will pursue whatever software, system, or methodology is right for each given circumstance. That said, the tremendous growth and momentum exhibited by GPC, means that a company or organization desiring to be on the cutting edge of modern apps and cloud computing services will definitely want to consider using GPC as part of its technology stable.

Computing Services Available on Google Cloud Platform

The list of distinct cloud computing services covered by Google Cloud Platform has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years and will likely continue to expand. A fully up-to-date list of those services (and previous versions of the list) can be found at Google Cloud Platform Services Summary. In order to give you an idea of the breadth of offerings, here are the categories and highlights of individual services in each category:

In the Compute category are several services, including the popular Compute Engine and App Engine. The Storage category also has several key services, including Cloud Storage and Persistent Disk. Among the half-dozen services in the Databases category, you’ll find both Cloud Bigtable and Datastore. The Networking category has more than a dozen services, including Cloud Load Balancing. In the Operations category, you’ll find both Cloud Debugger and Cloud Logging, along with several others. Among the more than half-dozen services in the Developer Tools category are Cloud Build and Test Lab. The popular Data Analytics category has well-used services such as BigQuery and Dataproc (a managed Spark and Hadoop service).

It should come as no surprise that the AI and Machine Learning category is the second-largest in terms of the number of services, including AutoML and its related sub-services, Cloud Natural Language API, and Cloud Translation. In the API Management, you’ll find both Apigee and API Gateway. The Hybrid and Multi-Cloud category includes the popular Anthos service.

The Bare Metal category includes the Bare Metal Solution, while the several services in the Migration category include the BigQuery Data Transfer Service. The category with the most services is Security and Identity, which includes the new BeyonCorp Enterprise service. In Serverless Computing are several services, including Cloud Run and Cloud Functions. In the Internet of Things (IoT) category, you’ll find the IoT Core service. Among the services in the Management Tools category are Cloud Console App and Cloud Shell. The Healthcare and Life Sciences category is where you’ll find the Cloud Healthcare service. In Media and Gaming is Game Servers. Finally, the several services in the GPC Premium Software category include Anthos, and the GPC Software category has Cloud Run for Anthos deployed on VMware.

As you can see, there are well over 100 different computing services offered through GPC to increase technological capacity at your business or organization, and these offerings are expected to expand in the coming months and years.

While the list of services and the benefits they deliver can look daunting, our solutions architects can help translate the capabilities offered by these services into tangible solutions that can solve your real-world problems.

The Business Benefits of Google Cloud Platform

The evolution of digital technology in the twenty-first century is clearly in one direction, and that direction is up into the cloud. There are many benefits to fully embracing cloud computing through GPC, including the following:

  • Highly Secure, globally available, high-performance, cost-effective, and always improving the platform.
  • As much object and data storage and as many databases as most will ever need that is also scalable, resilient, and high-performance.
  • All backed by state-of-the-art networking products via Google’s private fiber network.
  • Virtual machines (VMs) in Google’s data centers offering price/performance advantages within a fully managed app development environment.
  • Excellent for developing and deploying modern mobile applications with available developer tools.
  • A cross-cloud API platform for unlocking data’s value.
  • Controlled, secure access and visibility to resources.
  • Cost-effective solutions: Users note that GPC helps them increase operational efficiency, optimize their IT spend, and saves significant amounts of money by reducing platform management time and migrating applications from on-premises to run on the cloud.

In short, whatever your business or organization needs to do in terms of powerful computing can be accomplished with the services available through GPC.

Adopting and Implementing Cloud Solutions with KSM Consulting Guidance

Using Google Cloud Platform doesn’t mean you have to use all of the computing services it offers. GPC is set up with a transparent pricing structure based on pay-as-you-go and only paying for the services you use. New customers of GPC can create an account for free and receive $300 in credit to test-drive the platform to see how it works and what it can do. There are also at least 20 services that can be used for free (with monthly usage limitations). In addition, a number of free tools are available for tracking and limiting how much is spent on GPC.

Leveraging Technology into Business Success with KSMC

For any organization that isn’t already used to doing this kind of work on a platform like GPC, all of this may seem overwhelming. And this is when guidance from KSMC can be invaluable. We’re passionate about helping companies and organizations make the most of whatever technology is best suited to achieving their goals, meaning we are “technology-agnostic.” Technology for technology’s sake is never an option in our way of thinking. We always first look at how companies can make optimal use of the technologies they already have. If those current technologies aren’t enough for the company to thrive, then we’ll start looking at what else is needed. The computing services available on GPC or other platforms may become appropriate options to explore at that point.

When a company wants to truly align technology with business goals, we typically begin with an overall technology assessment, often combined with a cloud-readiness assessment given the availability of powerful computing services available through options such as GPC, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services (AWS). We thoroughly evaluate your needs, technology assets, and goals, then we collaborate with you toward a customized technology strategy and solution recommendations. But we don’t stop there; we support you all the way through actually adopting and implementing the solutions you need. Our expertise is wide-ranging in applying technology to reach desired outcomes. We regularly help clients achieve success in the following areas:

KSMC has worked with a wide range of industries and sectors, including state and local government; small and mid-sized businesses; enterprise-level businesses (manufacturing, technology, life sciences, and financial services); nonprofits; higher education; and healthcare. For more information on how KSMC can help your business navigate the adoption and use of Google Cloud Platform and other technology solutions to meet your business and organizational goals, fill out the request consultation form on our website or call us at 317.452.1700 to schedule an appointment.

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