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Cloud Solutions

The advent of cloud integration has completely changed how forward-thinking companies implement their IT strategy. Our Cloud Solutions have helped move companies to modernize their business. Many of your systems can probably be moved to the cloud, and it’s one of the best ways to securely back up your servers.

Using the cloud has many advantages. It saves you money by eliminating the need for physical hardware and frees up resources and space that your business can use in other ways. Migrating to the cloud also ensures you aren’t paying for too much computing power (and that you always have enough power), which can be an issue with physical servers. Another advantage of cloud integration is that it provides server accessibility from work, home, or practically anywhere.

KSM Consulting’s Cloud Solutions will find the best configuration of cloud-integrated Microsoft products to advance your business. Our consultation is personalized to your company to help you choose the right cloud datacenter solution to keep your information safe and secure.

Cloud Solutions Strategies

We’ll partner with your organization to find the best Cloud Solutions for your business. This can include help with migration, backups, cybersecurity, choosing a datacenter, and more.

Microsoft Cloud Services

Microsoft products are designed to work in tandem with the cloud for maximum productivity. Our Cloud Solutions experience helping companies implement these products together with the cloud means we can configure the right solutions for all users through extensive testing and piloting.

Microsoft Azure
We know how to make Microsoft Azure work for your company—how to use it for testing, application management, as a data center solutions, and more—so that you can leverage all of its features to your benefit. We’ll also assist with communication and training on the cloud, making sure all end users are prepared for cloud migration and ready to use the platform.

Office 365
The cloud-hosted Microsoft Office 365 provides versatility and cloud integration features that can make your business faster, smarter, and more productive. Our Cloud Solutions make the rigidity of working a thing of the past. Your staff will be able to work fluidly from anywhere. We can show you how to get the most out of Office 365—how to implement the platform, migrate your applications, manage your licenses, optimize identity management, back up systems, train your employees, and move servers to the cloud. Our hands-on approach to implementation places a strong emphasis on security and end-user functionality, and we can also provide post-cloud migration support whenever you need it.

Datacenter Selection

A reliable datacenter is critical for any successful business. We’ll find a datacenter solution that’s the right fit for you based on our conversations and assessment of your IT environment. We can also handle the vendor relationship, and we only work with datacenter partners we know and trust. We won’t force you into a datacenter that doesn’t make sense for your business. Our Cloud Solutions are custom for each of our client’s needs.

Private Cloud
A private cloud is an internal cloud infrastructure that is hosted and maintained by your company via intranet or a hosted datacenter. We can create, implement, and manage a private cloud—and we’ll make sure you’re using your existing server infrastructure optimally. It’s a great option if you have the resources because you aren’t sharing data with other entities, which can have security disadvantages. Our private cloud solutions can bring all your most commonly used tools in one place. Having convenient and private Cloud Solutions are an important asset for any company in order to grow efficiently.

Public Cloud
A public cloud is hosted by another company who is responsible for ongoing maintenance and security. Data from your company is stored in an offsite datacenter, which can be the ultimate cloud option for testing purposes and for patch, software, and product rollout. Security is still excellent when using a public cloud option, but some companies prefer to host and maintain their own cloud.

Local Cloud
The local cloud option allows you to download and install a virtual server, which gives you the speed you expect from a local network coupled with the versatility of cloud computing. This common is an increasingly popular and cost-effective cloud platform.

We work to assess your company’s needs to create the perfect solution to address your business’s issues. Regardless of your needs, KSM Consulting will work with you to find Cloud Solutions that are the best for your business.

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