Data Analytics

KSMC uses data analytics to transform information into insight. We’ll help you get a clearer picture about where your company is today—and where it’s headed—so you can make smarter decisions about how to move your business forward.

Our data analytics consulting team translates data into insight that you can use to optimize just about every area of your business. Data-driven decisions get the best possible outcomes, and we’re experts in the full spectrum of skills that help you get the most out of the information we gather about your organization. These skills include data planning, business intelligence, data science, predictive analytics, and more.

While we can help clients optimize their data in just about any industry, our team has extensive experience working in the public sector. We’re uniquely suited to handle these types of large, complicated projects, and have helped countless government agencies realize their full potential through the power of data.

Data analytics encompasses three key areas:

data strategy

Data Strategy

The experts at KSMC can transform your data into a long-term success strategy. Learn how. Learn More
business intelligence

Business Intelligence

Get real-time insight into key business data that will help you run a more efficient organization. Learn More
advanced data

Advanced Data Analytics

Traditional tools and techniques aren’t always sufficient to unlock the potential of your data. We use the most advanced mathematical techniques to detect hidden trends and unknown linkages, and extract meaning from narrative. Learn More
Case Study
Reducing Criminal Recidivism Through Predictive Analytics
Leveraging cross-agency data has allowed the State of Indiana to tackle the issue of recidivism in a new and innovative way.