Data Assessments

Everyone has data, but not everyone is making good use of it.

Are data quality issues inhibiting your team’s progress? Do you commonly deal with performance issues? Is “lag time” a common trend during month-end reporting?

Undergoing a data assessment will unlock the answers to these questions, and more. Through a data assessment, understand the value your data can provide.

Not sure where to begin? Start by reviewing our data assessment options below.


Data Quality Assessment

Before data is able to transform your organization, it has to be in order. Through good, clean data, you can create accurate reports, make strategic data-driven decisions, extract heightened performance from your technology assets, and open the up the possibility of predictive analytics.

A KSMC Data Quality Assessment identifies available data, determines its completeness, variability, and scope, and uncovers areas for improvement in the data collection process. The assessment will leave you with an understanding of data collection inconsistencies between your technology sources, an analysis of data that requires additional cleansing, and a holistic view of the foundation upon which predictive analytics can occur.

From a Data Quality Assessment, you can expect a clearly defined strategy to remediate data quality issues, which will lead to clean data, accurate reporting, and the possibility for predictive analytics.

Performance Tuning Assessment

Regular tune ups throughout the life of a vehicle provide it with the ability to keep going a few thousand extra miles near its end of life. When it comes to systems and data, performance tuning serves as a mechanism to keep your systems and outputs, such as reports, at their best.

Whether you are facing performance issues related to queries taking too long to run, a mad dash during the end-of-the-month report generation, or delayed data, a KSMC Performance Tuning Assessment can help.

During a KSMC Performance Tuning Assessment, our expert data engineers scour every database, table, index, and stored procedure, as well as review query logic to develop a comprehensive report detailing recommendations for remediation to performance challenges. Once implemented, experience timely reporting and better performance from your existing hardware – eliminating the need to purchase new equipment.

Data Strategy Assessment

A KSMC Data Strategy Assessment is the first step to gaining a complete picture of your data and how it relates to your business. A data-driven business doesn’t exist without an understanding of what data exists, how it can be used, and what the return on investment is for using it.

A Data Strategy Assessment offers a comprehensive data inventory including a review of your data, how it’s collected, where it’s stored, and more. In addition, our team of expert data analysts works with you through a data discovery process to uncover how you can put your data to use. You’ll walk away with a well-defined roadmap of potential data use cases and the associated return on investment of each of them.

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