Threat Intelligence and Vulnerability Management

The tools, technology, and mindset of hackers are ever evolving. Your organization’s defenses must evolve right along with them.

When it comes to Vulnerability and Threat Management, an independent review to ensure your security posture and operational capabilities are equipped to detect and respond to an attack better supports long-term success.

Our approach to vulnerability testing starts with detailed technical testing to simulate third-party attacks and malicious insiders. KSMC’s testing methodology focuses on every layer of your environment – identifying issues along your network perimeter and into its core. Beyond traditional security testing, our customized approach includes a toolkit containing the full suite of vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, social engineering, and real-world attack simulation. Our team conducts our testing from KSMC’s secure lab and utilizes thoughtful techniques to minimize the risk of business disruption during our testing process. Using open source and commercially available tools, KSMC provides a vendor-agnostic approach to vulnerability discovery, prioritization, and, ultimately, remediation.

Remediation becomes the top priority once vulnerabilities are identified and documented. Working alongside you, we’ll help you increase your IT security posture through a combination of activities including education and ongoing support.

Keeping your business secure is our highest priority so you can continue to manage your business uninterrupted.

Threat Intelligence and Vulnerability Management Services Include:

  • External and Internal Vulnerability Assessments
  • External and Internal Penetration Testing
  • Wireless Security Assessments and Testing
  • Physical Security Assessments
  • Social Engineering Assessments
  • Phishing Campaign Management

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