Information Protection and Privacy

A robust data lifecycle program includes the management and governance of data from the point of its creation, through its use, and concludes with its destruction. The challenges facing many organizations begin with the discovery of data within their own environment. Understanding where your sensitive data resides allows you to take a targeted approach to securing your critical infrastructure and restricting access to sensitive network shares.

Data Discovery and Classification
Business transitions such as rapid organic growth or acquisition can lead to challenges with data management.

Whether in a scenario like the one above or simply a need to reign in your data, KSMC can help you through the process of data discovery, classification, and cataloging. Once classified, we provide guidance on how to properly handle and secure data within your environment and while in transit to third-party vendors.

Data Privacy Assessment
As part of our data privacy assessment, our team completes a 360-degree privacy impact assessment to better understand how sensitive data within your organization is created, viewed, updated, managed, and, when appropriate, destroyed.

Data Loss Prevention
Data Loss Prevention (DLP) can represent a large undertaking for organizations as they try to put a digital fence around their systems and control what data leaves their control. Our team has experience with a wide range of DLP solutions and technologies to implement based on your unique needs. Often the best approach is not to simply implement a tool, but to take a balanced approach between people, process, and technology.

Through our client-focused approach, you can count on KSMC to work with you to develop a plan that keeps your information protected and safe.

Information Protection and Privacy Services Include:

  • Data Discovery and Classification
  • Data Privacy Assessment
  • Data Loss Prevention

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