Cyber threats are pervasive – and the number of attacks grows daily as does their sophistication. In 2015, damages from cyber attacks reached over $3 trillion. Organizations of all sizes and industries are open to threats and issues. It’s not a problem to be taken lightly.

Understanding your organization’s current security posture and digital real estate is more than managing a checklist of tools and policies, which is why KSMC employs a holistic approach to security. Our approach takes into consideration your business, operations, and goals for the organization. We start by understanding your current state and then tailor our solution to meet your specific objectives. Ultimately, our goal is to help ensure that your organization, employees, and clients are protected.

KSMC’s Cybersecurity and Compliance practice works with clients to assess their current situations, develop solutions that achieve compliance, protect their organizations, and manage ongoing threats.

The Cybersecurity and Compliance practice specializes in the following services:

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