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Flaherty & Collins Properties Organization-wide Document Management Adoption

Effective document management solutions all have one thing in common: they work for the people who interact with the documents every day. By understanding the frustrations and needs of these end users, an effective solution can be built. This was the case for Flaherty & Collins Properties (F&C).

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The Challenge

When F&C recognized inefficiency caused by its current document management processes, it turned to its technology partner, KSM Consulting (KSMC), to conduct a strategic assessment and provide a solution recommendation.

The Solution

After conducting a rigorous software selection process to holistically understand end user needs, Box was determined to be the best-suited technology for F&C’s workforce – many of whom are remote.

The Impact

The new solution is flexible, allowing F&C to change and grow over time, in addition to enabling mobile worker optimization, speed, ease and reliability of access, central solution administration, security, and third-party partner compatibility.