Undergoing a Successful Document Management Implementation

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Flaherty & Collins Properties experienced organization-wide adoption of its new document management solution, Box.

Effective document management solutions all have one thing in common: they work for the people who interact with the documents every day. By understanding the frustrations and needs of these end users, an effective solution can be built. This was the case for Flaherty & Collins Properties (F&C).

With its new document management solution, Flaherty & Collins Properties is now realizing:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Increased effectiveness
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Reduced business risk
Document Management
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When F&C recognized inefficiency caused by its current document management processes, it turned to its technology partner, KSM Consulting (KSMC), to conduct a strategic assessment and provide a solution recommendation.

About Flaherty & Collins Properties

Flaherty and CollinsFlaherty & Collins Properties (F&C), the Midwest’s largest multifamily developer, is a leader in development, construction, and property management. F&C manages nearly 15,000 multifamily units in 12 states. Over 500 employees work together to build, lease, and manage these properties working from the Indianapolis headquarters as well as property offices spread across the nation.


After conducting a rigorous software selection process to holistically understand end user needs, Box was determined to be the best-suited technology for F&C’s workforce – many of whom are remote.

The solution:

  • includes modern cloud applications and tools;
  • is optimized for mobile workers;
  • expands the use of existing applications; and
  • introduces an important new enterprise document management technology tool to the organization, Box.


With Box’s strong integration with Office 365, a solution F&C already had in place, the technology was the perfect fit for supporting a productive environment.

Working alongside F&C’s executive project lead, the KSMC team assembled a pilot group to assist in the next phase of the project: solution design and planning. The group consisted of an employee from every department and at all levels within the organization to be the voice of its team and assist in designing a solution that would effectively serve every user in the organization.

During the solution design and planning phase, the pilot group met with KSMC weekly to define clear technical and functional requirements. Each week, the pilot group was given a clear set of tasks. Pilot team members were responsible for working with their respective teams or departments to determine needs related to the tasks. As champions for their teams, the pilot group participated in facilitated discussions to define user groups and technical and functional requirements for the solution.

Before go live, the KSMC team worked with employees to pilot the solution. The goal was to ensure every user in the organization felt comfortable with the solution and could easily interact with it for his or her daily responsibilities. This approach created positive energy and excitement across the team as they experienced the benefits in their daily work.

To equip the organization for the transition, the KSMC team developed a comprehensive change management plan. Led by the F&C pilot group, the plan encompassed a series of customized training videos, email communication detailing “the why” and what the new solution would mean for F&C, Q&A discussions with the pilot and KSMC teams, and more – all tailored specifically to the F&C team.

Ready for implementation, the team took a phased approach to the data migration and engaged users along the way – allowing the entire F&C team to move some of its own documents into the new solution to establish ownership and familiarity with the technology.

Change Management Support

  • Train-the-trainer Training Approach
  • Training Videos
  • Email Campaign
  • Q&A Discussions with Pilot Group and KSMC


The pilot group played a critical role in the success of F&C’s document management solution design, implementation, and adoption. The team understood the product and solution well enough to support other employees as they adopted the new solution – creating buy-in for the organizationally owned solution. Through a train-the-trainer approach, the pilot team led the way for F&C not only during rollout but in the days that followed as they supported the entire F&C team in the successful adoption.

The approach standardized F&C’s core set of technologies, reduced its overall technology footprint, and retired its on-premises technologies.

The solution has minimized and, in some instances, eliminated the business risk associated with its previous document management solution. The new solution is flexible, allowing F&C to change and grow over time, in addition to enabling mobile worker optimization, speed, ease and reliability of access, central solution administration, security, and third-party partner compatibility.