Political Rally

The Political Bank Launches a New Product in Five Months

While working with a candidate running for local office, Adam Berry, co-founder and CEO of PoliticalBank, formed an idea he believed would change the political landscape. Adam decided to make the bold move and bring his idea—an online resource for all candidates, elected officials, and voters—to life.

Political Bank - Not exactly politics as usual Case Study
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The Challenge

Understanding he lacked the technical expertise required to develop the product, Adam knew he needed a partner to help him fulfill his vision.

The Solution

Adam partnered with KSMC to create and lead a team to make his idea a reality. Starting out, the KSMC Products and Solutions team worked closely alongside Adam to internalize his idea and vision.

The Results

Through engagement with KSMC, PoliticalBank was able to develop a one-of-a-kind product, PoliticalBank.com, that provides clarity and ease in politics—for candidates, elected officials, and voters—in a single place.