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Product design, development, and launch brings entrepreneur’s vision to life

Ninety-seven percent of political candidates are vying for positions at the local level. Many of these candidates lack resources needed to develop a digital platform to convey their positions and receive campaign contributions outside of close family and friends. Additionally, citizens are searching online for information about candidates running for office, but often fail to find it. Voters must then attempt to make informed decisions with limited education about candidates.

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Setting The Stage

While working with a candidate running for local office, Adam Berry, cofounder and CEO of PoliticalBank, formed an idea he believed would change the political landscape.

Adam decided to make the bold move and bring his idea – an online resource for all candidates, elected officials, and voters – to life.


Understanding he lacked the technical expertise required to develop the product, Adam knew he needed a partner to help him fulfill his vision. He sought assistance:

  • Vetting, validating, and refining the idea
  • Developing the idea into a viable product through strategy,design, development, and launch
  • Launching the product prior to the Fall 2015 election cycle

“With little technical expertise and a full-time job I loved, I knew I needed some help launching PoliticalBank. That is where KSMC came in. KSMC helped me bring my idea into reality.”

Adam Berry, Co-founder & CEO

The Solution

To build momentum and timely demand, Adam sought to meet a rigorous five-month timeline. Adam partnered with KSMC to create and lead a team to make his idea a reality. Starting out, the KSMC Products and Solutions team worked closely alongside Adam to internalize his idea and vision. The team then outlined the phases necessary to transform the idea into a product: investor readiness, product strategy, user experience and interface design, back-end architecture and development, product launch, and ongoing support.

With a product strategy in hand, the team performed an in-depth market analysis to vet, validate, and refine the idea. To develop PoliticalBank.com, KSMC assembled, led, and managed a product development team from its strategic delivery partner network.

During the user experience and interface design for PoliticalBank, the team worked with Adam to ensure the vision for the product was well represented, including the desired brand look and feel. User stories and personas were used as a framework to ensure the target audiences were top of mind during site development. Wireframes, shown to a test group, were built to provide a first look at the final product and ensure desired functionality was incorporated. Finally, the high-fidelity visual design showcased what PoliticalBank.com would ultimately look like.

How It Works

With design complete, the project transitioned to site development to bring PoliticalBank.com to life. The highest priorities for the site included the ability for candidates to create profiles and take positions on issues, voters to follow issues relevant to their interests, and a payment processing platform for candidate donations. To achieve a strong foundation for PoliticalBank.com, the website’s database model (which stores and organizes all the information required for the site to function) was created. During development, the website became a usable, workable, fast, and efficient product with functionality on multiple browsers and mobile devices.

Throughout the entire process, KSMC, serving as the product and project managers, made sure the project unfolded as planned. KSMC’s team drove the rigorous timeline and helped maintain the focus of the team.

Transforming An Idea Into Reality

Through engagement with KSMC, PoliticalBank was able to develop a one-of-a-kind product, PoliticalBank.com, that provides clarity and ease in politics for candidates, elected officials, and voters in a singular place. PoliticalBank serves as a medium to educate voters and for voters to make educated decisions.

With the support of KSMC, a product idea was developed into reality. PoliticalBank remained on schedule throughout the product development process and successfully tracked to completion, launching prior to the current year’s election cycle. Adam was able to maintain his full-time job and rely on the KSMC team to ensure the details were addressed throughout the process.

Future Outlook

PoliticalBank plans to focus its efforts on increasing participation from candidates and voters in surrounding states in the upcoming year, and prepare for national participation prior to the presidential election.

“Working with KSMC allowed me to put my vision and idea into the marketplace. I am excited about the product we have and look forward to the future of PoliticalBank.com.”

Adam Berry
Co-founder & CEO