Technology Enablement on the Way to a Smart, Vibrant, and Entrepreneurial City

In 2016, Mayor Scott Fadness had a strong vision for what was ahead for the City of Fishers. He also realized that they had one big component holding them back: how they were using their technology and data.  The City of Fishers was having to manually consolidate data points across innumerable platforms and applications, and manually execute data entry and other operational processes – so the question became, how can we become more efficient? How can our data enable us? How can the right technology push us forward?

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The Problem

The City of Fishers had 114 apps in use when it brought in KSM Consulting for a Technology Assessment, which helped them identify areas for improved technological proficiencies. With legacy software patchworked together, Fishers’s systems lacked cohesion, and its team struggled with frustration. Moreover, there was no overarching technology strategy that was in alignment with what they were trying to accomplish overall, which was to become a smart, vibrant, entrepreneurial city.

The Solution

The widespread modernization effort included payroll and financial software, a document management system, and multifactor authentication, all of which needed to function seamlessly and efficiently to free employees from paper, time-sucking processes, and tedium that inhibited the kind of growth and creativity Mayor Fadness craved.

The Impact

“Our data and information structure is immensely more sophisticated now than it was four to five years ago,” Mayor Fadness said. “Now that the structure is in place, we are able to spend our time solving problems.”