Case Management and Labor Exchange Upgrade Provides Citizen Enablement

The State of Indiana Department of Workforce Development (DWD) recognized the potential technology held in empowering its citizens, which launched its initiative to integrate its Case Management (CM) and Labor Exchange (LX) systems.

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The Challenge

To assist job seekers in securing employment and enabling employers to find trained workers, DWD launched its technology upgrade project. With job seeker data in one system and case management data in another, the decision was made to implement an integrated, vendor-developed Case Management and Labor Exchange (CMLX) technology solution to replace its legacy systems.

The Solution

Having worked alongside KSMC to launch its UIM system, Uplink, DWD turned to KSMC to once again assist with undertaking this project and ensuring a successful implementation. KSMC achieved this by managing the hybrid vendor and state-employee project team, overseeing all elements of project planning and management, as well as making sure agency resources were properly trained and prepared for this change.

The Results

Citizens now have state-of-the-art technology to leverage including the addition of a mobile-friendly application as they seek employment. The technology benefits citizens in their job search, Indiana businesses in finding the right people, and DWD in more quickly and accurately facilitating job placement.