IT Assessment Provides Transparency into IT Operations

When it comes to running critical healthcare systems, a solid IT foundation isn’t optional, it’s required. Poised for organizational growth, Healthcare Claims Management (HCM) recognized the importance of strengthening its IT foundation in supporting business operations and wanted to ensure its IT infrastructure was built in a manner that could handle the growing needs of the business.

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The Challenge

An essential component of the business, HCM’s in-house IT Director was responsible for everything from 24/7/365 day-to-day IT operations, to software and hardware implementation, to over-arching technology strategy for the organization. As a result, HCM decided to seek outside assistance to establish redundancy of personnel, modernize business continuity, create better executive-level visibility into IT operations, and enhance the value its IT department delivers to the business.

The Solution

Seeking a baseline related to its IT organization, KSMC recommended that HCM undergo an IT Assessment to gain more in-depth visibility into its technology and current challenges. The outcome was an IT roadmap that addressed current critical needs as well as long-term value-add projects. Over the course of eight weeks, the KSMC team completed a review of HCM’s IT practices and infrastructure.

The Results

With an organization-wide understanding of HCM’s IT environment, the HCM leadership team can focus on strategic initiatives with one less day-to-day fear. The leadership team is confident that the technology supporting the business follows best practices and is in compliance with its industry-specific requirements related to cybersecurity such as HIPAA and PCI. But more importantly, the leadership team is confident that its technology is meeting the needs of the business as it continues to grow.