Bringing Workforce Aid Efficiently to Citizens

In a state where manufacturing and other mass layoffs were overloading an outdated manual process, an Office of Workforce Development brought in KSM Consulting to ensure that service delivery could happen quickly and efficiently. Bringing aid to hundreds or even thousands of workers at once taxed a process too reliant on paper and data entry.

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The Problem

Inconsistent data, manual interventions, and out-of-date software made this agency’s work harder than it needed to be. Staff members relied on paper and pen to collect details about dislocated workers so that they could help affected workers find new jobs or acquire training and new skills. Like any manual process, it was incredibly time consuming, limited capture of data for analysis and reporting, and provided opportunity for human error affecting data and process integrity.

The Approach

Through familiarity with the workforce sector and experience working with the state, our team brought deep program and institutional knowledge that the state relied on to fine tune the project and optimize its processes to create new efficiencies and reporting enhancements.

The Outcome

Working in partnership with the client, our team managed the full project lifecycle, ultimately designing, developing, and delivering a fully-featured mobile application which replaced the old pen-and-paper process the agency had been relying on for decades. With data accuracy improved and workforce efficiency enhanced, department representatives could better concentrate on helping citizens, rather than fighting technology.