Achieving Better Health Outcomes with Accurate, Focused Analysis of Social Determinants of Health Data

Clinical data has long driven decision-making for healthcare providers and insurers, but it tells only part of the story. Healthcare leaders who utilize external data regarding social determinants of health (SDOH) better understand the economic and environmental factors driving patient risk, can better predict health outcomes, and offer more individualized care.

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The Challenge

When healthcare leaders can draw on actionable insight derived from robust analytics, outcomes improve and treatment becomes more cost effective. However, few organizations have the pieces in place to achieve the analysis that makes the difference for patients. SDOH datasets offer tremendous value, but many healthcare provider networks and payers are not yet able to fully utilize this resource.

The Approach

For our health system clients, getting to improved outcomes depends on an approach that utilizes our partnerships within healthcare and research organizations to align clinical expertise with advanced analytical capabilities. The relationships we’ve built with government, nonprofit, and private organizations enable us to incorporate a variety of disparate data sources which facilitate richer, deeper analysis.


Drawing from SDOH datasets that correlate to the health conditions of primary concern, healthcare organizations can more accurately predict patient risk and significantly improve outcomes with efficient interventions. These capabilities have moved the needle across a variety of infant and maternal health and CHF initiatives.