Starting Your Career

Some might say that rock stars get better as they age—and many do. But the youngest, freshest rock stars with raw talent and unbridled energy still fill arenas and provide fans memorable experiences that last a lifetime.

Are you that kind of rock star?

If you’re just beginning your career, you might not yet know what type of work suits you, what challenges motivate you, or which problems you want most to solve. But at KSMC, we’ll help you figure it all out.

Day-to-day life at KSMC is exciting, challenging, and fast-paced, and we need rock stars to take the stage and help our clients solve their most pressing problems. As you dig into the work, you’ll better understand where your passions lie and what career trajectory you’d like to follow. And KSMC supports you every step of the way with committed mentors, brilliant colleagues, and some pretty great snacks.

If you don’t yet have years of experience, that’s okay. What we’re looking for is someone who finds challenges exciting, who appreciates people and what drives them, who is comfortable coloring outside the lines, and who wants to make an impact in the greater community.

We’re looking for rock stars.

Are you one?