What's a career at KSMC like? Check out the latest in KSMC careers and culture to learn more about life as a KSMCer.

Meet Our People: Ryan Achterberg

From being the first person to interact with our prospective clients to jumping in to solve some of our clients toughest challenges at a moment’s notice, Ryan acts as the Swiss Army Knife of our Technology practice.

Design Thinking: Guiding our Fearless Problem Solving

Working with sophisticated organizations to help solve their most difficult problems, we recognize that we must remain at the forefront of innovative problem solving. To serve our clients well, KSMC team members continually refine their abilities to analyze an issue and develop creative solutions to address it.

Meet Our People: Jessica Menke

For many of our KSMC clients, the name Jessica Menke is a familiar one. Jessica spends her days expertly managing the KSMC Helpdesk, assisting clients through the resolution of their day-to-day IT challenges.

Day in the Life: KSMC Project Manager

Leading a strategic initiative for your organization - whether it be the implementation of new technology or revamping processes that have been in place for decades - requires the management of many moving parts that can factor into your success or failure. This is where project managers fit in.
Ryan Gould image

Meet Our People: Ryan Gould

In all aspects of life, Ryan Gould has a passion for refining his skills and putting his best foot forward. This is apparent in his personal life through his refined hobbies of cooking, where he can whip up masterful meals, and billiards, regularly competing in local tournaments. In his professional life, Ryan expertly manages each of the KSM Consulting (KSMC) Business Technology teams, serving as chief engineer. Ryan’s love for continuous learning is what enables his ability to continually improve his skills and tackle whatever is thrown his way.
Employees playing games

Thursday Throwdowns: Encouraging Employee Collaboration

We believe employee collaboration leads to the delivery of great service to our clients. It’s been our experience that collaboration amongst employees often takes place in casual settings as people are building their personal relationships as well as their professional ones. To fuel these relationships – and, frankly, have some fun – we launched the signature KSMC Thursday Throwdowns in 2014.