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What’s New: Office 2016 for Windows

Boasting additional tools for today’s modern workforce, greater mobility, and simplified collaboration, Office 2016 is the latest addition to Office 365. As of today, it has arrived. If you are already an Office 365 customer, these new features are at your fingertips just waiting to be leveraged day-to-day.

“We’ve enhanced the upgrade and installation experience, and for Office 365 subscribers, we’ve made changes to how the 2016 apps are updated moving forward,” stated Julia White, general manager of Office 365 Technical Product Management in a Microsoft Office Blog post. “We’re also delivering new tools and resources to help you prepare, deploy, and manage Office.”

The new release is a no-cost upgrade for all Office 365 users and includes features such as:

·      Co-authoring
·      Simplified Sharing
·      Improved Version History
·      Shared Notebooks
·      Modern Attachments
·      Clutter and Focused Inbox
·      Smart Lookup
·      One-click Forecasting
·      And more

Learn more about what’s new in Office 2016, including directions on making the most of the features, by downloading the Microsoft Office 2016 Product Guide.

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