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Webinar: Maximizing Technology for Remote

KSMC was among many organizations that were startled by the transition to remote work a few weeks ago. As IT Managed Services partner to many Indianapolis businesses and nonprofits, we have had numerous conversations with clients about how their team and technology can best support remote work, as well as provided guidance for transitioning and training to employees for understanding and using the tools to their fullest. 

In this webinar, Ryan Gould, KSMC Director of Business Technology, and Fred Sudler, KSMC Technology Consultant, share how we’re working with clients to maximize their technology for remote work.   

The discussion covers what is required for a strong remote work solution 

  • A team that can work easily from anywhere with the same or similar systems as they did in the office.  
  • The right technology in place to support both your employees and customers 
  • The right processes in place to effectively support employees and clients 
  • Employees feel engaged and connected to each other and know how to support their own work and their employees’ work.  
  • Employees to be trained and supported in maximizing technology.  

Ryan and Fred also discuss how to achieve this solution with technology and people’s support. 

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