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Alert: Beware of Unsolicited Microsoft Windows 10 Downloads

As you are likely aware, Microsoft released its Windows 10 operating system recently. It’s receiving rave reviews with noted key benefits such as

  • Improved workspace management and multitasking functionality
  • The new Microsoft Edge web browser
  • Faster performance
  • Improved design including the return of the Start menu
  • Cortana integration

Also, it’s a free upgrade from Microsoft.

However, with this release came a number of cyber threats. The upgrade is being used as an opportunity to exploit users by charging them unnecessarily — resulting in stolen credit card information — or encouraging free downloads loaded with malware, as well as other issues.

For the safety of your system in addition to the personal systems of your employees, it’s recommended that organizations notify employees of the potential threats. Remind them that the only safe place to download Windows 10 is directly through the Microsoft website, without any unsolicited email or phone calls. Also, organizations should instruct personnel to delete and report suspicious emails, phone calls, and websites. If an issue arises, disconnect that device from your organization’s network immediately.

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