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City of Fort Wayne and Allen County selects KSM Consulting as Preferred IT Provider

KSM Consulting was awarded a 3-year contract to serve as the City of Fort Wayne and Allen County’s preferred IT service provider.

The Bridge from Data Integration to Insight Is People

Education data integration has the potential to unlock countless long-term benefits for our students, teachers, and states. We can help.

Successful Digital Transformation Isn’t All or Nothing

Successful digital transformation: Take steps one at a time. Automate business processes. Create efficiencies. Adjust and repeat.

Client Spotlight: Fathers and Families Center

Fathers & Families Center supports men working to be strong fathers and role models for their children. As their IT managed services provider, we're proud to help them fulfill their mission.
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Majority Ownership in KSM Consulting Acquired by Investcorp

Investcorp has acquired a majority interest in KSMC further supporting our ability to fulfill our mission and provide difference-making solutions across the nation.

Maximize Your Collaboration and Productivity Tools

As organizations have adapted to the distributed workforces they couldn’t have seen coming, they’re more dependent than ever on collaboration and productivity tools to not only stay in touch, but to get work done.

Meet Our People: Cristian Guandique

Cristian is passionate about data-driven decision-making and brings an extensive list of skills. His unique background in medicine—he has a master’s degree in medical science—helps him to better understand and serve his healthcare clients with data solutions.

Infant Mortality, Public Health, and the Value of Data Sharing

We have found that the biggest hurdles to achieving data sharing are clarity of ownership, fear and unease, and technology barriers to effectively analyzing disparate data.

For Workforce Data to Matter, Focus on the Human Factor

For a program that covers so many separate services, workforce merits careful consideration of the human needs it serves before shaping a data strategy that will impact lives.