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Meet Our People: Troy Hollings

Troy, a dedicated and disciplined learner, joined KSMC two years ago as one of the first members of our Sales team and now serves as a Sales Development Representative on our Sales and Marketing team. His career—and life—have been driven by one guiding principle: anything can be learned through practice. Troy believes that you can do anything with hard work and determination—and has the experience to back this up. From running a startup company in college to spearheading a new sales and marketing role at KSMC, Troy’s natural curiosity and drive to master new skills has shaped his career and driven his success.

Get to Know Troy

Tell me about your role on our Sales team.
When I first joined KSMC, I started in Sales Operations, which allowed me to do things that I could be good at, like organization of renewal deals, but it didn’t maximize my greatest strengths. With self-reflection, curiosity, and support from my mentors at KSMC, I was able to realize that I needed a new challenge. Coming from a background in sales, I knew I could add more value to the company in a role that was more sales-oriented.

After a bit of observation, I noticed a gap between sales and marketing leads, so I took initiative to create a new, valuable role for myself. My current job builds on my strengths, creating the best outcomes for me, KSMC, and our clients. Every day I get to help connect future customers to KSMC’s technology and data experts.

Do you have any role models or mentors at KSMC?
I have never worked at a place like KSMC, where everybody is truly great and believes in the values of this company. The list of mentors I have at KSMC is endless, but one individual stands out as having been pivotal to my success. Robert Saling, Senior Consultant, is incredibly knowledgeable about creating models that build the best teams and solutions to serve our clients. Plus, his management of work/life balance is aspirational to me. He’s a role model in the way he manages his work life balance. Robert has been closely mentoring me throughout my time here.

Do you have a favorite KSMC value?
My favorite value is definitely Fearless Problem Solving because I interpret this value to mean owning the outcome. In our daily jobs, it is so easy to get task focused. But it is important to look at the big picture. For me, this means creating connections to my coworkers’ questions. I strive to go beyond giving a simple answer, but instead show them how a tool could be used to get their solution. Our organization exceeds at solving our clients’ toughest problems by focusing on delivering the best possible outcome with fearless problem solving.

What keeps you busy outside of work?

My wife and I live on 25 acres of farmland with our dog Rum and our 15 goats (yes, 15). If this wasn’t enough to keep us busy, we also just recently purchased two cows—Helen and Ferguson.

In college, I realized that reading nonfiction books is one of the best investments I could make with my time. I have since come to read anything I believe can help improve me. Whether I think it may help make me smarter, more successful, or more well-rounded, I will read it. I also love reading these somewhat boring and mostly complicated books and explaining their concepts to others. The way I have been able expand on this and develop a creative outlet is through my podcast, Curiously Disagreeable.

What are your top three favorite books?

  1. The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle
  2. Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin
  3. The 80/20 Principle by Richard Koch

Here at KSMC, Anderson Smith and I started and lead a book club, and we’ve had great discussions and success with it.