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Ebook IT Managed Services

IT Managed Services Have Become a Lot More Accessible—and Valuable

The rewards of finding an IT managed services partner who aligns with your business are too good to miss. You can make sure you find the right partner by checking out our ebook: Finding Your Way Through IT Managed Services. It’s quick and practical and helps you weed through your options to find the one who’ll help your organization thrive.

Forum: Transitioning Tech into the Next Phase

In the May 13th Forum, Mike Vance and Ryan Gould discussed transitioning tech into the next phase. Read the questions and answers from the discussion.

Webinar: Increasing Cybersecurity for Remote Work

The volume of cyberattacks on small and mid-sized businesses has increased drastically as organizations and employees navigate the unfamiliar territory of remote work. For IT leaders, ramping up cybersecurity for the current borderless IT environment moves to the top of the to-do list.

Webinar: Maximizing Technology for Remote

As IT Managed Services partner to many Indianapolis businesses and nonprofits, we have had numerous conversations with clients about how their team and technology can best support remote work, as well as provided guidance for transitioning and training to employees for understanding and using the tools to their fullest. 

Tips and Tools for Secure, Productive, and Collaborative Remote Work

Many have transitioned to remote work and are trying to support their teams in a different environment, just as KSMC is. Online, we’ve seen much support from experts sharing knowledge and resources, as we all work in new ways together.

Transitioning from Windows Server 2008 Before Support Ends

The challenges of addressing obsolescence are small compared with the potential pitfalls of hanging onto technology after support has ended.

On-Prem vs. Microsoft Azure Cloud Comparison

Cloud computing has become an integral part of technology, but the move to a subscription-based cloud service can be overwhelming. There are tons of new terms, processes, best practice shifts, and a million other nuances that can make most feel overwhelmed. 

Indy Big Data: What Can Data Do For You?

KSM Consulting presenters, John Roach and Matt Lang, will be discussing how advances in technology—combined with advanced forms of data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence—are expanding our current understanding of the possibilities for consumers, private organizations, and public agencies.

4 Indicators It’s Time to Upgrade Your Network

When it comes to ensuring the technology your organization relies on is running smoothly, the piece your IT department can’t afford to forget is your network. A robust network infrastructure is the necessary foundation needed for your organization to grow.